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  1. BronYAur

    While I'm trying to read through the huge Jurgen's file of setlists, I'd like to "catalogue" an interesting feature of Motorpsycho touring life that apparently has never been accurately filed.

    Well, how could I stand this???

    I'm talking about the band's live line-ups through time, starting from the original trio with Kjell Runar Jensen on drums, to the nowadays quartet with Tomas and Reine.

    But of course, my data are not complete or precise. I'm relying on memory, bootlegs, some forum, videos on the net (and especially on motorpsychodelicclips, of course!). Also, in between different tours, there are some special line-ups for special events (i.e. Timothy at OyaFestival, Demon Box at Rockheim and so on).

    I lack lots of such informations, so I'd like you to cooperate on this operation, for as much you can remember or recover correct data wherever I have doubts and holes...

    In this table below, I'll try to list the various members in the various tours (excluding of course Bent & Snah, which are always present!). The number after the span of dates is the number of concerts covered. In (BRACKETS) you'll find my main doubts about presences or absences. I hope it will all be clear enough to be read and understood. If not, please tell me!

    N.B.: I'm NOT counting the Tussler Society in this statistics. Though I love the TITS, I consider them a totally different band!


    FIRST LINE UP - 29-4-1990 --> 31-8-1991 - 21 - Kjell Runar Jensen (d.)
    Lobotomizer tour

    SOOTHE - 27-9-1991 --> 6-6-1992 - 24 - Haakon Gebhardt (d.)
    Soothe & 3 Songs tours, including Denmark

    FALL '92 - 3-9-1992 --> 31-10-1992 - 8 - HG, (Deathprod???) (kb)
    Deathprod started working with MP then, but I'm not sure if he was touring with them yet

    DEMON BOX - 15-1-1993 --> 9-10-1993 - 61 - HG, DP
    Demon Box tour, Mountain tour, both in Europe

    ANOTHER UGLY TOUR - 9-3-1994 --> 17-9-1994 - 36 - HG, Lars Lien (kb, g?)
    Another Ugly EP in Europe

    TIMOTHY - 23-9-1994 --> 9-12-1994 - 13 - HG, (LL???) (Morten Fagervik???)
    Norvegian tour. This period is very obscure to me: I thought they played in a 5-men lineup with both Lars and Morten, but I can't find any evidence of this anymore. And if only one of the two was touring with the band, I can't say who actually is! Need some help here!

    1995 TOURS - 2-2-1995 --> 30-8-1995 - 54 - HG, MF (g, kb?)
    Two different tours and sparse dates. I'm actually not sure that Morten played all the gigs or just a part.
    - ROADWORK II - 6-7-1995 - 1 - HG, DP, The Source

    TRIO 1996/1999 - 26-2-1996 --> 23-10-1999 - 220 - HG
    Spanning through Blissard, AADAP and Trust Us, the classic trio have walked alone for 4 consecutive and productive years! My only doubt is about the last 5 gigs in 1999, in Norway: was Baard there yet?

    POP 2000/2002 - 15-3-2000 --> 30-11-2002 - 140 - HG, Baard Slagsvold (kb)
    Spanning through the "pop" trilogy, LTEC, Phanerothyme and Love Cult
    - 2002 FESTIVALS - 19-7-2002 --> 15-8-2002 - 7 - HG, BS, Jaga Jazzists Horns
    There are probably more concerts with the Jaga Jazzists on stage, please help me on this!

    THE END? - 1-12-2003 --> 8-8-2004 - 12 - HG
    Japan Tour in 2003, and last sparse gigs in Switzerland, Netherlands and Italy in 2004 before Geb quits!

    BLANK CANVAS 2006 - 22-4-2006 --> 29-10-2006 - 31 - Jacco van Rooij (d.), Øyvind Brandsegg (marimba)
    BH/BC "in limbo" tours in search of the new assets

    POWER TRIO - 4-7-2007 --> 16-12-2011 - 123 - Kenneth Kapstad (d.)
    This 5 years period includes Little Lucid Moments, Child of the Future and Heavy Metal Fruit tours. I'm not sure/aware about any fourth member here and there during these tours, especially in 2011 festivals
    - K9 BOX - 23-8-2008 - 1 - KK, DP
    The special concert @ Henie Onstad Kunstsenter whit K9 and Demon Box as 80-minutes-setlist. And DeathProd as guest.
    - TIMOTHY'S MONSTER @ OYA - 14-8-2010 - 1 - KK, HG, (DP, LL, MF???)
    Pls anyone can share the correct lineup of this mythological concert, thanks!

    UNICORN 2012 - 14-3-2012 --> 23-2-2013 - 26 - KK, Ståle Storløkken (kb.)
    Unicorn tour with Ståle, reknown for being the only tour with exactly the same setlist all along the Europe except for encores. I'm including also the Orgelfest gig in 2013.
    - SPAIN AND OTHERS - 23-5-2012 --> 18-8-2012 - 6 - KK
    Spain tour and some other sparse scandinavian festivals as a trio, where only parts of the Unicorn were played
    - YEAR END CONCERT - 28-12-2012 - 1 - KK (Reine?)
    The band played Blissard's tracks 1-5 here. Was Reine there yet? Probably not, but I'd like a confirmation. It was at Blaest, Trondheim.

    DOUBLE GUITARS '13-'14 - 12-4-2013 --> 13-12-2014 - 59 - KK, Reine Fiske (g, kb)
    This two-years period includes Still Life / Blissard tours and Behind the Sun tour. Also, there are many exceptions to this lineup in this season. Below you find the ones I'm aware of, but please submit your contributions!
    - MIDTSOMMERJAZZ - 14-6-2013 - 1 - KK, SS
    - NTE ARENA, NAMSOS - 23-10-2013 - 1 - KK, SS
    Both gigs with Stale, playing parts of Ogrelfest stuff, along with parts of Unicorn, and Burn!
    - CHINA TOUR - 30-4-2014 --> 4-5-2014 - 3 - KK (3) - SS (2)[/i]
    Apparently, Stale played only the first two gigs, and left before the third one!
    - FOLK FLEST - 31-7-2014 - 1 - SS, The Sheriffs of Nothingness, Kammerkoret Aurum
    [i]En Konsert for Folk Flest

    FRAGMENTS - 25-6-2015 --> 12-12-2015 - 11 - KK
    Not a real tour, just sparse concerts
    - DEMON BOX - 18-7-2015 --> 19-10-2015 - 4 - KK, HG, DP, (???)
    Unfortunately I've no documentation on these Demon Box concerts, so I dunno if there were more guests other then the aforementioned ones. As always, any contribution is welcome!

    MONSTERS - 29-1-2016 --> 14-5-2016 - 29 - KK
    Last tour with Kenneth

    TOMAS! - 29-3-2017 --> 30-9-2017 - 15 - Tomas Jarmyr (d.)
    Some eurofestival and a norvegian tour to test the new guy!

    THE TOWER TOUR - 12-10-2017 --> 9-12-2017 - 25 - TJ, Kristoffer Lo (kb, winds)
    The Roadwork V tour

    EASTERN EUROPE - 6-3-2018 --> 10-3-2018 - 5 - TJ
    5 concerts in balcanic Europe

    THE CRUCIBLE TOUR(S) - 14-4-2018 --> 19-10-2019 - 81 - TJ, RF
    Second Tower tour and double Crucible Tours! As for the other long Reine period, there could be concerts with different line-up. Please let me know!
    - SFIK FESTIVAL - 18-5-2018 - 1 - TJ
    The first russian concert for MP didn't include Reine

    This is what I got so far.
    Please, fill this thread of comments, corrections, updates, and any data you can recollect. I'll update this first message every now and then until we reach an acceptable reliability of the whole data!


    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. ThorEgil

    Orgelfest Nidarosdomen 2011-11-02 and Stavanger 2013-02-23 also featured Tos on Hurdy gurdy. Don't know about the other orgelfest concert(s).

    Tos also played keys on some of the Begynnelser theatre plays in September 2016. Can't remember today who stepped in on the others.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  3. kippenhok

    Norway 2006 BH/BC short tour was 3-piece line-up with Jacco; Oyvind was only a guest on K9 in Trondheim 22/10. I think the summer festival gigs were also 3-man line-up. That would make the Darmstadt gig in May 2006 the last full gig with Oyvind.

    Jaga Jazzist also on stage at the 2nd Oslo gig in 2001, and Hasselt in November 2002.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  4. BronYAur

    @kippenhok --> thanks, I had no clue that they made a trio with Jakko ever. But Oyafestival is definitely with Oyvind, as stated by the video on youtube.

    @ThorEgil --> So, now, the embarassing question: who is Tos?

    I'll update as soon as I have time, thanks!

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. fuzzrules

    TOS Nieuwenhuizen = tube amp guru from Amsterdam NL. Sweet & gentle man. One of a kind. Plays with Sunn O))) & has been friends with MP for ages. Is their guitar & amp tech and plays along now and then (see above).

    Posted 1 week ago #
  6. ThorEgil

    Tos Nieuwenhuizen is a long time guitar tech for Motorpsycho, and a really friendly guy. Apart from that he is also a member of Sunn O))) -

    Posted 1 week ago #
  7. BronYAur

    when you say "guitar & amp tech", you mean that he follows the band in tour?

    Posted 1 week ago #
  8. fuzzrules

    Yes Tos tours with MP. Not always but many times in recent years.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  9. BronYAur

    Oh, in this case i've perfectly understood who he is! Never had a clue that he was the guy from Sunn o)))

    Posted 1 week ago #
  10. kjellepelle

    Tos Nieuwenhuizen is a long time guitar tech for Motorpsycho, and a really friendly guy. Apart from that he is also a member of Sunn O))) -

    Dont forget he playe in dutch punk/hc band Jesus & The Gospel Fucker/Agent Orange and Funeral Oration.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  11. kjellepelle

    And I dont think the band toured alot around Lobotomizer, if I remember correctly the last show KRJ did was the releaseparty of Lobo.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  12. kjellepelle

    I also think that Morten F. replaced Lars L. as he didnt want to tour that much. Did he do much outside of that euro tour documented in Anothe Ugly movie? Not to sure. He mainly worked with the band in the studio.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  13. kjellepelle

    Orgelfest Nidarosdomen 2011-11-02 and Stavanger 2013-02-23 also featured Tos on Hurdy gurdy. Don't know about the other orgelfest concert(s).

    Tos also played keys on some of the Begynnelser theatre plays in September 2016. Can't remember today who stepped in on the others.

    Pål Brekkhus stepped in for Tos in the beginning (got it.... )

    Posted 1 week ago #
  14. fearsatan

    Bård played with MP on the short norwegian tour in october 1999. And looking at my pictures from the TM øya-gig the Lineup was Bent, Snah, Kenneth, Gebhardt, Deathprod and Lars Lien. And Hanne Hukkelberg joined them for The Golden Core.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  15. Phoots Flower

    2012 SPAIN was with KK as a trio
    I have used part of your data to include them in the schedule I am doing
    At the moment it is incomplete

    Posted 1 week ago #
  16. mefisto

    Øya 2010 - Timothy's Monster show

    Who played:
    • Bent Sæther (bass), Hans Magnus Ryan (guitar) and Kenneth Kapstad (drums, synth on «Feel») played the whole show.
    • Lars Lien (keyboards) played from «On My Pillow».
    • Håkon Gebhardt (guitar, banjo, drums) played from «Beautiful Sister».
    • Helge «Deathprod» Sten (keyboards, noise) entered the stage from «Kill Some Day».
    • Hanne Hukkelberg sang on «The Golden Core».

    Posted 1 week ago #

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