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Brakkesyke 2020

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  1. Bartok

    I don’t know if any of the MP guys read this forum, but it would be *so* nice and welcome if they would join the Brakkesyke concert-thon on FB, and raise money to an organization of their choice. Maybe an acoustic set from the HQ? Would be lovely, what do you say? Is it rolling, Bob?

    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. GBD

    This is a good idea. Saw a norwegian singer/songwriter cashimg in about 200 000 NOK from one web concert alone. Could be a good source for some extra charity + income (if needed), and also a perfect gift for us fans

    Posted 4 days ago #
  3. tkm

    Tomas is doing a solo gig on wednesday

    Posted 3 days ago #
  4. ThorEgil

    Tomas also played yesterday with The MaXx - the three Swedes of Trondheim. from 14:45

    Be careful if you try to dance to this music - it's not all strictly 4/4.

    Posted 2 days ago #

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