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Tuesday Morning

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  1. bionaut

    I purchased Demon Box from Bandcamp a couple days ago. First time I have heard this record, and it has just started to be played in the house. Yesterday, the boys came down into the basement, where I work during the day while we navigate this C19 phase of life, and they heard part of 'Tuesday Morning'. The older one, who is four, immediately said he could hear birds (synth trills) with a look of wonder on his face.

    Later that day I played 'Waiting for the One' and skipped over to 'Tuesday Morning' while my four-year old listened. When 'Tuesday Morning' came on he listened very closely and after a minute asked me if that was my work. Then, without waiting, he said, "I think it's your work." Now, I have a basement full of analog synths that are packed in road cases since my wife started popping out squeakers, so I took this as a sign! Make more acid-folk!

    This morning, I played 'Waiting for the One' again, and my four-year old immediately said he was excited that the next song would be the one with bird sounds. Amazing!

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