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  1. Punj Lizard

    I thought it might be better to have a separate thread for reviews.

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  2. Punj Lizard

    Four stars in Mojo 😀

    Copy of review on FB

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  3. Punj Lizard

    A rather negative and critical review at The reviewer scores the album 6/10.

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    The Ego Trip

    Mom, this is a very tasty meal but I'm full to the brim! Recently a user in the forum, actually there were several, expressed his wish that the band Motorpsycho should do something different than their prog rock, which is driven to perfection. Well, also the reviewer was in raptures to the great deeds "The tower" and "The crucible". But one has to ask the question and could have done so already on the last two albums, what the musical relevance of the Norwegians still consists of. Admittedly, compositionally complex rock songs with captivating hymns, the trio can do this like almost nobody else. And stretching arcs of tension over mountains and oceans, that's another speciality of this band. What is missing, however, is the feeling that the Scandinavians would challenge themselves, perhaps even question themselves. And so the new opus "The all is one" is also more of a confirmation, continuation and consolidation of the chosen path. Let's say it directly: Impressive moments, overwhelming for its genre, can also be found here, only that even the most brilliant joke is told at some point.

    And if the inhabitants of Psychoverse expect from this review, which admittedly is more of an opinion, to get the tonal details, the sophistry of "The all is one" listed here, they have to be disappointed, unfortunately. Sure, with Lars Horntveth from JagaJazzist and violinist Ola Kverberg, Motorpsycho have brought some jazz expertise on board for the central "N.O.X." suite, which with over forty minutes playing time makes up the lion's share of the album. And it is one of the strengths of this album that their contribution is really reflected in the music. But the reason why signs of fatigue are still noticeable are songs like the title track or "The same old rock (One must imagine Sisyphus happy)". The former is such a motor-psycho standard that the accusation of self-plagiarism quickly comes over your lips. The flowery strings, the drums with plenty of bacon on the hips, the wide vocal harmonies, everything has been there before and in better.

    And so one rather finds pleasure in the little things that lie off the beaten track. The hippie miniature "Delusion (The reign of Humbug)" in its modesty for example. On the other hand, however, something like "The magpie": a shooting drive typical for motor psycho, in which the melodic arrangement and the notes played differ from the past, but the compositional modus operandi is exhausted to the point of exhaustion. The fact that a guitar solo is built in, which may be soulful but is loaded with clichés, fits the picture and arouses the suspicion of ego masturbation.

    And then there's the aforementioned "N.O.X." This is the highlight of the album, because you can see beyond your own nose. Beside the jazz elements it is for example the electrified drive of "N.O.X.". II: Ouroboros", which causes a sensation with its irresistible intensity. The organic percussions and the retro organ also contribute a lot to the complex atmosphere. And also the "N.O.X." equipped with driven rhythmics. IV: Night of Pan", equipped with driven rhythmics, also pleases with its compositional frugality, without inflated bombast. This will also be presented in the concluding "N.O.X. V: Circles around the sun pt 2", the end of the suite rather whirls and whirls wildly through the room, Motorpsycho on fire.

    If "N.O.X." would stand on its own, one could speak of a successful modification. But "The all is one" carries the ballast of the rest of the songs, which conservatively revive what has been achieved so far. "Dreams of fancy" could be mentioned as a proof for this. Again, melody structure, guitar work and dramaturgical structure are well known. And so the Motorpsycho fan will perhaps speak of the best album of his band, from his point of view justified. From another point of view "The all is one" is redundant, at least in parts.


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  4. Punj Lizard
    Member review awards the album 9 points and concludes "The All Is One" is a tremendously crazy piece of work, which crowns the "GullvÄg Trilogy". review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    MOTORPSYCHO complete their "GullvÄg Trilogy". After 'The Tower' and 'The Crucible', 'The All Is One' is the last link in a jagged chain.

    The disc is released with a once again exquisite artwork by HÄkon GullvÄg as a double LP and double CD. The finally produced 84 minutes were recorded by the well-known gentlemen Bent SÊther (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards), Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Tomas JÀrmyr (dums). Guests in the first session in September 2019 in France were Reine Fiske (guitar, keyboards, KATATONIA) and in the second session in November 2019 in Norway Ola Kvernberg (violin, STEAMDOME) and Lars Horntveth (guitar, JAGA JAZZIST).

    The focal point of the work is the 42-minute epic 'N.O.X.' from the second session, which in the vinyl version covers pages 2 and 3. But first of all, the ladies and gentlemen put their followers in the mood with shorter odes. The almost nine minute opener 'The All Is One' lets the sun shine powerfully and filigree within the old days of LED ZEPPELIN and YES. Due to this consistency, the basic question why MOTORPSYCHO are loved by rock fans of all colours is answered by itself. In contrast, 'The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)' shows the contrast between feathery Seventies Prog Rock and mighty quaking Heavy Rock. The Magpie' goes into the blood of arm and leg so feverishly that no part of the body can remain motionless. Even without hallucinogens the sun rises in the middle of the night. In the floating state of absolute silence 'Delusion (The Reign Of Humbug)' sounds just as fitting.

    Five parts then lead the listener into the world of 'N.O.X.'. The first part, 'Circles Around The Sun Pt 1', is adorably led by bells and creaking violin sounds, but the darkness of Scandinavian prog rock immediately takes hold. The singing sounds down from cloud 7, the formation shakes like an orchestra and plays itself into the first, shrill ecstasy until the end of the nine minutes. Ouroboros' chooses a stringent tempo without ceasing, so as not to steal the show from the exaltedly singing guitars, before the hectic South American groove ends after eight minutes. Ascension (Strange Loop)' invites you to chill out, but the string sounds soon wake up every colony of cats. In the post-rock and jam canon 'Night Of Pan', the same short sequences of notes are constantly played. Only the wind may push the vocals in between and allow symphonic sounds, which are immediately swept away by the drums over the remaining distance to the next ecstasy, bubbling, waving and sawing. This delirium lasts 15 minutes. The last part of 'N.O.X.' is a single furor - Canterbury in sustained speed, prog rock just before the explosion. 'Circles Around The Sun Pt 2' simply leads to another mad ecstasy.

    In the following 'A Little Light' with acoustic guitar gives you a short break. Dreams Of Fancy' shows rejoicing mid-seventies prog rock, which also wanders near RUSH and finally pours out again within its nine minutes in overflowing solos. The Dowser' on the other hand is clear as a bell singer-songwriter material, not necessarily to be found in Scandinavia. For the finale, 'Like Chrome' again brings out nasty guitar sounds as well as 'Kashmir' strings.

    The All Is One' is a tremendously crazy piece of work, which crowns the "GullvÄg Trilogy".

    (9 points)

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  5. Great idea

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  6. Punj Lizard

    Nine stars from Dutch site Arrow: Lords of Metal.

    Arrow: Lords of Metal review

    Translation into English from Dutch by DeepL:

    The All Is One' is the title of the latest release of the Norwegian trio Motorpsycho. This album is the last part of what with a little bit of imagination you could call a trilogy (the band speaks of 'The Gullvag Trilogy'). A triptych that started with 'The Tower' in 2017 and got a sequel with 'The Crucible' in 2019. About both predecessors I was enthusiastic - as usual with Motorpsycho releases - but with 'The All Is One' the band musically goes not one step further but quite a leap. Next to the old, familiar Motorpsycho (in both sound and composition) new musical paths are being explored again. And just that combination of the old Motorpsycho with the current Motorpsycho makes this new album deadly awesome.

    While I can hardly keep my eyes off the really beautifully designed album cover, the long title track is kicked off rather cautiously. The usual ingredients of the last few years pass by here: strong melodies, room for improvisation in a tight structure and great vocal lines (note; the lines are more violent than the vocals themselves, heh, sorry Bent). That line is continued on the first single of the album, 'The Same Old Rock'. It is especially the guitar of Hans Magnus Ryan that grabs the attention in both the chords and the solo. In 'The Magpie' it are those incomparable vocal melodies again that manage to make something beautiful out of a fairly standard song. You have only just grasped the little niemendalletje 'Delusion' when you are confronted with something truly unique. In over 40 minutes (!!) the trio takes the listener on a musical journey entitled 'N.O.X.' which consists of five parts. The amount of instrumentation, musical layers (put on your headphones!), breaks and tempo changes is truly unequalled. It's almost impossible to describe this song well, you just have to hear (and feel) it yourself. Of course there's a risk that after such an amazing trip, you won't be able to hear anything at all. Apparently the band has realised this too, because with the beautiful, sensitive guitar instrumental language 'A Little Light' you can catch your breath. That's a good thing too because you can enjoy 'Dreams Of Fancy' to the fullest by clearing your head. Again the band rises to great compositional heights. What a power these Norwegians have! The Beach Boys and The Beatles are honoured in 'The Dowser' after which 'Like Chrome' waves out the album.

    And then you sit down on the couch and relax. A musical trip that is unparalleled. What has the band done! From fragile to sometimes loud, from acoustic to pompous, from small to big and from long to short. That's Motorpsycho anno 2020. And how damn beautiful that is.

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  7. Punj Lizard

    German online metal mag Metal Inside do not appear to give star ratings, but the writer certainly seems to love The All Is One.

    Metal Inside review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    As if out of nowhere and without much notice MOTORPSYCHO knock this hammer off an album. "The All Is One" marks the end of a loose trilogy that started with "The Tower" and is mainly held together by the artwork, which here again was the work of Norwegian artist HÄkon GullvÄg. It is almost 85 minutes long, with "N.O.X." in the centre, a five-part work of over 42 minutes in length, which might even challenge the one or other hardened fan of the trio at times.

    At the beginning, however, there are familiar sounds: the opener and title track, with its voluptuous harmonies, could also be the epic finale of a long piece and reminds us of earlier phases of the band. The same goes for the following "The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sysiphus Happy)" with its alternations between balladic and straight rock parts and "The Magpie", whose driving, irresistible two-voiced guitar run is directly in your ears. At the end of this first part, "Delusion" is a short acoustic piece. One has rarely heard this band so calm, tender and vulnerable.

    But then the already mentioned "N.O.X." begins and takes you on a wild journey, which at most MOTORPSYCHO's cooperation with StÄle StorlÞkken on the fantastic album "The Death Defying Unicorn" could prepare you for. The musical influences here are similar and come - roughly outlined - from the fields of progressive, psychedelic and jazz-rock. Strings and brass are used, but also synth space sounds. Sometimes it is meditative and atmospheric, sometimes mercilessly driving, the long fourth part is largely determined by tribal beats. The bar numbers are mostly crooked, but nevertheless it flows and grooves continuously. The whole piece is instrumental almost throughout, except for the choral-like main theme, which recurs in some places and is also varied in some places.

    MOTORPSYCHO work here extremely dynamically, building up and down passages, condensing, going back again and swinging up again and again to grandiose climaxes. In the end, there seems to be hardly any increase possible, but with the last part they top it off with a nearly 6-minute-long, crazy finale. In order to be able to comprehend all the different elements and developments and to grasp this piece in its entirety, it takes several attempts. But if you succeed at some point, you can't help but get carried away, and at times you think you can grasp the intensity of what you hear with your hands.

    The last part of the album ties in with the first. With "Little Light" and "The Dowser" there are two more short and calm acoustic numbers to be heard, whereas the great constructed, indeed rocking, but highly melodic (and in the context of the whole album despite its good nine and a half minutes short sounding) "Dreams Of Fancy" could be an older MOTORPSYCHO track again. At the end it becomes relatively straightforward: The hard rock-heavy "Like Chrome" bows to LED ZEPPELIN, but in the verse also to David Gilmour and his guitar sound around the time of "Wish You Were Here".

    With "The All Is One" MOTORPSYCHO have recorded an album as unusual as it is brilliant. With the overlong "N.O.X.", basically an album within an album, they enter new musical territory, dare to experiment and expand their sound once again in a fascinating way. The framework for this is formed by pieces with which they refer to various facets of their previous work and thus tie in with their past. Maybe it is too early to speak of a masterpiece, but in any case, what MOTORPSYCHO deliver here is absolutely masterful.

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  8. Oh wow. Goosebumps....

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  9. Krist Rampage

    [url=] [/

    According to an expert opinion, the first word in the universe is - contrary to popular belief that the first word is the so-called original "Om" - "MMM". Because exactly this sound is at the same time the sound that develops deep out of the stomach and makes its way past the heart, upwards when you hear the music of Motorpsycho. Shit, Corona, no totally sweaty, three-hour Motorpsycho overconcert this year. But luckily they publish regularly and so again now. And gain the advantage of physical publications: You can buy and own them and listen to them just for yourself almost infinitely often - what about "The All Is One", the third and final release of the trio alongside "The Tower" (2017) and " The Crucible «(2019) will definitely be the case. As usual, as in the last ten or so albums of the last ten years or so, the three gentlemen give their splendid mixture of - attention - somewhere between the jam band sound of Grateful Dead and the driving sound of Dinosaur Jr.
    "The All is One" starts with the title track and it doesn't just look like the end of the aforementioned trilogy. At the same time, the company listeners * gush with goose bumps and melancholy awakening memories on the surface, e.g. For example, of old albums like "Timothy‘s Monster" or the lightness of "Phanerothyme", of these numerous catchy tunes that don't wear out even after the 1000th listening session. And this time, in spite of the progressive prog-rock structure, the overarching »concept«, there are again individual numbers that stand for themselves and that you can force yourself into the body very well with full blow. As cheesy as it sounds, Motorpsycho stands for the constant release of endorphins. "The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine, Sisyphus Happy)" - instant classic. Anyone who has been longing for an earwig since "Black Hole / Blank Canvas" and "No Evil" will find it here at the latest with "The Magpie". It seems that the guys from Motorpsycho have again turned to simple, catchy guitar melodies, the drums shoot powerfully as usual and give the whole thing the necessary power. The singing - to melt away. How can you sing so beautifully?
    The sound from the album is superb as usual. Old friends like u. a. Reine Fiske, Lars Horntveth from Jaga Jazzist will be there again, and the selection of helpers in the sprawling progressive numbers »N.O.X. I - V «, with a lot of strings and choir background. Spherical solos. Typical quality jamming. After this monster of the song construct it gets a little quieter. After the heartbreaking ballad "The Dowser", the album closes with the optimistic "Like Chrome". Fine. Oh yes. It's a double album. A pleasant surprise for »Prog-Rock«: It doesn't annoy a second.

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  10. Punj Lizard

    Burn Your Ears webzine gives the album 9/10, and again the "masterpiece" word makes an appearance!

    Burn Your Ears review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    Hard to believe, but despite 31 years of band history and countless releases, MOTORPSYCHO still haven't made it into our record reviews. A serious omission - from our side, of course - after all, the Norwegians have been clearing one laurel wreath after another for decades. "The All Is One" shows once again why.

    The final chapter of the "GullvÄg-Trilogy", which so far consists of "The Tower" and "The Crucible", drives the trio's idiosyncratic style to perfection. The mixture of country, psychedelic and jazz also fascinates on the umpteenth album, so that the listener is in danger of getting lost not only in the highly melodic pieces like "The Magpie" or "The Dowser".

    An epic of special sublimity

    Instead, it is the extravagance that makes its mark on "The All Is One". Finally, the epic "N.O.X.", which is divided into five parts, proves to be a highlight and point of gravity. Over 42 minutes, the Norwegians wind their way from one musical masterpiece to the next, while the listener desperately tries to keep up. But the effort is worth it: once you have fought your way into the piece (and also manage to change the CD quickly enough), you witness a self-contained circle that opens up new details every time you listen.

    The main achievement of the Norwegians, however, is by no means the sublimity of their long track, but the fact that "The All Is One" does not drop off even off its center. Thanks to high quality song material ("Dreams Of Fancy", "Like Chrome"), "The All Is One" has become an album of increased artistic value in almost all its moments, and thanks to "N.O.X." perhaps even MOTORPSYCHO's masterpiece.

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  11. Punj Lizard
    Member give the album heaps of praise. Their rating is 2+. (I have no idea what this means as their album of the month has a rating of 1.) review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    With "The All Is One" (Stickman Records) Motorpsycho continue their loosely connected unofficial GullvÄg trilogy, which started in 2017 with "The Tower" and continued last year with "The Crucible". The name-giving artist HÄkon GullvÄg was again responsible for the cover design and also contributed further artwork for the discs of the double album and the inner print of the digipak.

    The Norwegians have achieved a certain cult status among their fans, and after "The All Is One" one can well understand why this is so, should there have been any ambiguities so far.
    Motorpsycho are back and are living up to their name again. The opening title song is groundbreaking with its psychedelic groove, and yet it hardly prepares the listener for what is yet to come. Experimental prog with jazz rock elements meets psychedelic and stoner rock, guitar walls are broken through by billowing electro sounds, saxophones glide somewhere high above pulsating Mellotron sounds.

    The centerpiece of the double album is the more than 42-minute long piece 'N.O.X.', which is divided into five parts and two CD halves and even looks bulky. Jazzy saxophones, throbbing electro beats, somber strings, casual brass sections. There may also be repetitive rhythm contructions for minutes, slowly increasing, pulsating synth figures, which are decomposed by diffusely floating vocals and finally overtaken by driving beats. This is prog at its finest with long instrumental sections, the music is completely unpredictable, bulky, jazzy, surprising, ecstatic, invigorating, even danceable.

    Around 'N.O.X.', eight more songs are waiting to be discovered, shorter, more manageable, but no less exciting, even if they cannot consistently maintain the high level of the outstanding long track. "The All Is One" is an exciting album for all those who are open-minded for experimental music, who can get involved with long tracks (and what progger can't?) and for all those who want to celebrate psychedelic stoner-jazz of the extraordinary kind.

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  12. JERO

    @Punj Lizard; thank you for all the effort you put into this thread so all psychonauts can feel proud and get even more psyched up about the 'new' music coming. You must be scanning the web every ten or so minutes! Wish I had the time to do that, but thanks to you I don't need to! cheers and threefold cheers again mate!

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  13. Punj Lizard

    @JERO - thanks my psychonautical friend! My overeagerness certainly intervenes too often on my work day - not every ten minutes, but certainly several times a day! I love reading reviews of Motorpsycho albums - they're so rarely negative! Having said that, I don't mind negative reviews - it's all just opinion anyway, and criticisms of the band are always thought-provoking and rarely lacking substance, coming as they do from people who are actually interested in the band and their output.

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  14. Punj Lizard

    The first review to appear at Babyblaue gives the album 11/15.

    Babyblaue review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    In the promo documents the exact details of the cast were once again missing. At least I had the opportunity to learn in advance that Motorpsycho's "The All Is One" would feature a number of guests in addition to the regular trio, among them Reine Fiske (guitars, Mellotron), Lars Horntveth (guitars, clarinets, saxophones, keyboard instruments, usually with Jaga Jazzist) and Ola Kvernberg (violin, also played with Grand General). The recordings were made during two sessions in 2019: the first one was in September in France with Reine Fiske, the second one with Horntveth and Kvernberg took place in November in Norway.

    Mr. Kvernberg plays his violin with great commitment and competence in what I consider one of the highlights of the album: the orgiastic-hymnic-ritual "N.O.X. I: Circles Around the Sun Pt.1". For pieces like this, Motorpsycho should be worshipped cultic. Also because they sound uniquely like Motorpsycho and remind us that "The All Is One" is the last part of the so-called GullvÄg trilogy, which began with "The Tower" and "The Crucible". HÄkon GullvÄg is the name of the artist who created the artwork for the three albums. For "The All Is One" the artwork was created especially for the band.

    "N.O.X. I: Circles Around the Sun Pt.1" is thus the first part of "N-O-X", a five-part, over forty-minute monster track, which should put most fans of Motorpsycho in a state of bliss. Here the influences of modern classical music, stoner rock, psychedelic, kraut rock, jam rock, jazz and prog come together, occasionally crowned by the strikingly dissonant vocal melodies and provided with a shot of avant-garde. Therefore I would like to start from a small masterpiece. Possibly as a worthy continuation of "The Tower". "N.O.X. III: Ascension" is more of a spherical art rock, intentionally anything but intense. The instrumental level of "N.O.X. IV: Night of Pan", on the other hand, would pass for the most part as a partly quite intense electronic-cosmic Krautrock.

    The music of the longtrack was allegedly written for ballet, inspired by painting, alchemy and tarot. Accordingly, the artwork of the LP edition is said to be extensive. As somebody on the band's website correctly wrote, "N.O.X." is meant to amaze, the rest of the album is more for relaxation. Like for example the easy going song "The Dowser", arranged for voice, violin and guitar. It sounds to me like written for lazy summer days. Just like the short piece for acoustic guitars, called "A Little Light". Compared to "N.O.X." even the symphonic-progressive stoner rock of "The All Is One", or "Like Chrome" seems light-weight. Probably these pieces would sound a bit different without Led Zeppelin's contributions to music history.

    So what does "The All Is One" have to offer? Contrasts. Next to the masterful longtrack called "N.O.X." are the pieces that are probably officially supposed to be the frame for "N.O.X.". This courageous concept leads me to the impression that the longtrack can stand on its own, but the other compositions are in danger of fading in comparison. In other words: another great record by Motorpsycho!

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  15. Record of the week in Visions magazine:

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  16. Punj Lizard

    13/15 from review

    Translation into English from German by DeepL:

    When MOTORPSYCHO release a new album, music nerds everywhere prick up their ears, because the exceptional band that has been giving impulses to the prog scene since the mid-1980s never stands still, which is why it is impossible to predict what they will come up with next.

    Even though the Norwegians have become a bit calmer in the past few years with regard to blatant breaks in style (also due to parallel projects, soundtrack work, etc.), as expected they also surprise in many places on "The All Is One", although the songs must be understood in the context of the "Gullvag Trilogy", which will be concluded with this album.

    Just as the title track has a certain vintage prog and Beatles character with regard to the poppy melodic infatuation and Bent SĂŠther's usual nasally voice, he, multi-instrumentalist Hans Magnus Ryan and the drummer who has been part of the band since 2017, dawdle comfortably for almost nine minutes towards a sunset that seems even more perfect during 'Dreams Of Fancy'.

    The two numbers are as compelling as the ironic driving force 'The Same Old Rock' (Roy Harper heard, men?). This one, just like the swinging 'The Magpie', would also lend itself to being a single because the group seems to be focusing on catchy choruses again.
    Melodic motifs that one might think to know from the previous albums "The Tower" (2017) and "The Crucible" (2019) are at least not to be found superficially on "The All Is One", but that makes sense insofar as the trilogy was intended as a loose concept.

    At the center of the action, however, is the five-part 'N-O-X', one of MOTORPSYCHO's masterpieces par excellence, which takes almost three-quarters of an hour to complete: Symphonic passages, sinister heavy riffs, ominously wide distortion basses and effect-loaded vocals make 'Circles Around The Sun Pt 1' an exciting introduction before 'Ouroboros' offers stoically whipping space rock; Via the interlude 'Ascension', lined with string arrangements, one reaches the dramatic climax of the album - 'Night Of Pan' spirals up to undreamt-of heights that are only reached by very few post-rock acts for over 15 minutes, even though they have more or less made it their business.

    Elsewhere, too, the trio turn their noses up at the rest of the scene: The three dreamy segments 'Delusion', 'A Little Light' and 'The Dowser' strengthen the cohesion of the once again hardly countable ideas that the trio is working on, and whether or not they have dealt with the thematic foundation in more detail: The lively finale really does fit the album's hat-trick very well as the final movement.

    CONCLUSION: The perfect tightrope walk between sophisticated retro prog and almost mass-market psychedelia - MOTORPSYCHO do not innovate a bit in 2020, but prefer to write exciting songs in partly epic format, which air familiar sound settings with a fresh breeze.

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  17. Punj Lizard

    After listening to The All Is One Carsten SandkÀmper at concludes 'Motorpsycho [are] a contender for the position of "Greatest Rock Band on the Planet"'. He'll get no argument from me review

    Translation into English from German by Google:

    In the year of madness 2020, Motorpsycho have nothing better to do than complete their "Gullvag Trilogy" with an album that makes "The Tower" look like a little brother and "The Crucible" like their second cousin.

    "The All Is One" sums up in an unusually open manner what our time is sick of: "Nobody talks anymore / The public discourse is gone / It's ugly like never before / Binary thinking has won / We're too busy killing ourselves to talk it over ". Bent Saether uses memorable statements that, taken individually, explain our world in a devastating way. They embrace the themes of The Tower , The Crucible and this album, all of which are inspired by the art of the Norwegian painter Hakan Gullvag. Motorpsycho move musicallyin their own universe of prog rock and psychedelia, in which they are still going through new developments. The stomper "The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)" breathes Creedence Clearwater Revival and references his own past when Motorpsycho fans let themselves be flattened by Psychonaut for the first time . In the 60s psycho beat of "The Magpie", the trio plus guitarist Reine Fiske plays in euphoria, while "Delusion (The Reign Of Humbug)" lets Saether glide through the scenery in a maximally ethereal and entranced way. All of this is just the overture to the 40-minute suite "NOX", with which the band is jazz in the ensemble with Jagas Lars Horntveth and violinist Ola Kvernberg shakes a true jazz rock monster out of their sleeves. When "Circles Around The Sun Pt. 1" with its epic bolerosque melody tips over into a wild violin solo, Van der Graaf Generator's free spirit flashes for a short time. The directly incidental "Ouroboros" could also have occurred to Frank Zappa with its clever superimposition of rhythm and melody patterns as well as Snah's enraptured solo . "Ascension" is a brief moment of breathing, reminiscent of Yes ' Topographic Oceans , before the 15-minute "Night Of Pan" in repetitive figures and ever new overlays of colorful soundscapes and hypnotic percussion into nirvanaopens. What ends in absolute frenzy at the end of "Circles Around The Sun Pt. 2" is probably Motorpsycho's most engaging piece of music since "The Wheel" or "Un Chien D'Espace". The fact that "NOX" is followed by another section the length of the album, which contains perhaps the most beautiful piece of the album with the nine-minute "Dreams Of Fancy", speaks not only for the sequencing of "The All Is One", but also for Motorpsycho as a benchmark for Contender for the position of "Greatest Rock Band on the Planet".

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  18. mikke

    Motorpsycho: I en klasse for seg

    Motorpsycho gÄr inn i et nytt tiÄr med nok et fabelaktig dobbeltalbum.

    Eivind August Westad Stuen

    VĂ„r vurdering: 5 av 6

    Motorpsycho er bandet som bare fortsetter Ä gi. Etter over tretti Är i bransjen, et tjuetalls album og en haug med sideprosjekter, viser de fremdeles ingen tegn pÄ Ä senke tempoet. Denne gangen har de laget et majestetisk dobbeltalbum med halvannen time velskrudd rock. Igjen.

    Det lyder fremdeles fantastisk.


    The All Is One er siste del av hva bandet kaller GullvÄg-trilogien. Som med foregÄende The Tower og The Crucible, er albumcoveret malt av kunstneren HÄkon GullvÄg, og de storslÄtte, progressive komposisjonene er delvis inspirert av arbeidet hans.

    Det er ikke alle band som behersker progrock i 2020. Sjangerens storhetstid er snart femti Är tilbake i tid, og der tjue minutter lange rockelÄter inspirert av klassisk musikk og store ideer var revolusjonerende den gangen, blir mange moderne forsÞk kun bleke kopier av originalene. Det som en gang var progressivt, er nÄ regressivt.

    Motorpsycho er et hederlig unntak. DrÞmmende mellotron, fuzzete gitarsoloer og ville rytmeleker hÞres helt naturlig ut nÄr det kommer fra denne hÄrete trioen. Man kan dra paralleller til proghelter som Camel, King Crimson, til og med litt Gong, men mest av alt hÞres trÞnderne ut som seg selv.

    Nok en gang serverer de sammensatte komposisjoner med herlig flyt, akkurat slik vi forventer. FremfÞrelsen er dynamisk og gir rom for bÄde ettertanke og headbanging. Eksempelvis fÞlges drivende «The Magpie» elegant av den akustiske balladen «Delusion», uten at stemningsskiftet fÞles graverende. Man kan hÞre at bandet fremdeles har det gÞy sammen og er villig til Ä leke med ideer.

    emhodet monster

    Mandelen i proggrÞten her er femdelte «N.O.X.», som tar opp om lag 40 minutter i platens midtparti. Vel verdt tiden, selvfÞlgelig. Dette er en ekspansiv komposisjon som oppsummerer alle de beste kvalitetene ved Motorpsycho, for anledningen supplert av Lars Horntveth og Ola Kvernberg.

    Her mÞter vi riff som sakte bygges opp til vegger av godlyd, rytmer som fÄr nakken til Ä bevege seg i alle mulige retninger, og til og med litt fiolin som bringer Mahavishnu Orchestra-vibber. Det blir aldri feil.

    LÄten smyger seg fremover med gjentagende temaer og et energioverskudd som fÄr det hele til Ä fÞles merkelig intenst, spesielt pÄ hÞyt volum. Under det hele ligger suggererende rytmer som hentet fra tidlig Magma, lavmÊlt, men drivende. Detaljer legges gradvis til mellom boblende synther og hviskende vokal fÞr rytmene lÞsner og motoriske riff tar over og gir det femhodede monsteret en rÄ finale.

    Det lyder rett og slett sykt fett.

    Fokusert dobbeltalbum

    «N.O.X.» hadde i seg selv vÊrt en fabelaktig plate, sÄ det at vi fÄr et knippe lÄter som rammer den inn, mÄ ses som en ren bonus. De stikker kanskje ikke like dypt, men er fremdeles vel verdt tiden. Verdt Ä nevne er mektige «Dreams of Fancy» med saftige gitarbidrag fra Reine Fiske.

    Tross lengden, er dette en fokusert utgivelse. Dobbeltalbum har en tendens til Ä bli litt mye av det gode (jeg ser pÄ deg, Tales From Topographic Oceans), men trioen fÞlger allikevel Yngwie Malmsteens klassiske credo: «More is more.». Og det fungerer. Mytologi, politikk, musikkhistorie og heftige basslinjer smeltes sammen. Der andre ville stÄtt i fare for Ä bli i overkant navlebeskuende, klarer bandet Ä holde pÄ spenningen.

    Det har nesten blitt en klisjé Ä si at Motorpsycho er i en klasse for seg. Men de er jo det

    Posted 11 months ago #
  19. mikke

    Motorpsycho: In a class of its own

    Motorpsycho enters a new decade with another fabulous double album.

    Eivind August Westad Stuen

    Our rating: 5 out of 6

    Motorpsycho is the band that just keeps giving. After more than thirty years in the industry, about twenty albums and a bunch of side projects, they still show no signs of slowing down. This time they have made a majestic double album with an hour and a half of well-screwed rock. Again.

    It still sounds great.


    The All Is One is the last part of what the band calls the GullvÄg trilogy. As with the previous The Tower and The Crucible, the album cover is painted by the artist HÄkon GullvÄg, and the magnificent, progressive compositions are partly inspired by his work.

    Not all bands will master prog rock in 2020. The genre's heyday is almost fifty years back in time, and where twenty - minute rock songs inspired by classical music and great ideas were revolutionary at the time, many modern attempts are only pale copies of the originals. What was once progressive is now regressive.

    Motorpsycho is an honorable exception. Dreamy mellotron, fuzzy guitar solos and wild rhythm toys sound completely natural when it comes to this hairy trio. You can draw parallels to prog heroes like Camel, King Crimson, even a little Gong, but most of all, the people of TrĂžndelag sound like themselves.

    Once again, they serve composite compositions with wonderful flow, just as we expect. The performance is dynamic and allows for both reflection and headbanging. For example, the driving "The Magpie" is elegantly followed by the acoustic ballad "Delusion", without the mood change feeling serious. You can hear that the band still has fun together and is willing to play with ideas.

    emhodet monster

    The almond in the prog porridge here is the five-part "N.O.X.", which takes up about 40 minutes in the middle part of the plate. Well worth the time, of course. This is an expansive composition that sums up all the best qualities of Motorpsycho, for the occasion supplemented by Lars Horntveth and Ola Kvernberg.

    Here we encounter riffs that slowly build up to walls of good sound, rhythms that make the neck move in all possible directions, and even a little violin that brings Mahavishnu Orchestra vibes. It never goes wrong.

    The song creeps forward with recurring themes and an excess of energy that makes it all feel strangely intense, especially at high volume. Underneath it all are suggestive rhythms as taken from early Magma, low-key but driving. Details are gradually added between bubbling synths and whispering vocals before the rhythms loosen and motor riffs take over, giving the five-headed monster a raw finale.

    It simply sounds like sick fat.

    Focused double album

    «N.O.X.» had in itself been a fabulous record, so the fact that we get a bunch of songs that frame it, must be seen as a pure bonus. They may not stick as deep, but are still well worth the time. Worth mentioning are the powerful "Dreams of Fancy" with juicy guitar contributions from Reine Fiske.

    Despite the length, this is a focused release. Double albums tend to be a bit much of a good thing (I look at you, Tales From Topographic Oceans), but the trio still follows Yngwie Malmsteen's classic credo: "More is more.". And it works. Mythology, politics, music history and hefty bass lines merge. Where others would be in danger of becoming overly navel-gazing, the band manages to keep the tension.

    It has almost become a cliché to say that Motorpsycho is in a class of its own. But they are.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  20. Punj Lizard

    If anyone has a subscription to Dagsavisen, could they copy the review to this thread, with a translation, please.

    The headline appears to be:

    "Review Motorpsycho: "The All Is One" is the crowning achievement"

    Dagsavisen review

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  21. Bartok

    Great review from Adressa in Trondheim, let’s see if it can get translated. And there’s an absolutely *lovely* photo of the guys for the article, wish there was a way to upload photos to this site!

    30 Är etter sin fÞrste plateinnspilling makter Motorpsycho fortsatt Ä fornye og revitalisere seg, ikke minst gjÞr de det pÄ dette monsteret av et dobbeltalbum.

    Trilogien «The Tower», «The Crucible» og nÄ «The All In One» er kanskje det sterkeste album-treklÞveret Motorpsycho har skapt siden de var pÄ sitt mest ustoppelige midt pÄ 90-tallet.

    Musikken er blitt til i dialog med HÄkon GullvÄgs malerier. Begge uttrykkene tar for seg de helt store spÞrsmÄlene, trusler mot miljÞet, trusler mot demokratiske rettigheter, monopolisering, ensretning. Det er i hvert fall det inntrykket vi har. Motorpsycho har en tendens til Ä pakke ting inn, gjÞre de mer kryptiske, Äpne for personlig tolkning. Jeg kan for eksempel innbille meg at tittelen og tittelkuttet spiller pÄ kulturell ensretning og monopolisering, Amazon & Co, men jeg vet ikke.

    Det store verket pÄ albumet, «N.O.X», hadde visstnok tittelen «The World» da det ble fremfÞrt i sin fÞrste utgave under den spektakulÊre konserten pÄ Olavsfest i fjor. Men den opprinnelige tittelen indikerer en slags messe for en sÄret jord (som det vel faktisk er) og fremstÄr kanskje i overkant pretensiÞs. Det mer kryptiske «N.O.X» ble valgt. Og hva stÄr sÄ «N.O.X» for? Muligens en kombinasjon av en forkortelse for et ganske smalt science fiction-fenomen og et nikk til den greske natteguden Nox. Men igjen: Hvem vet? Det jeg rent faktisk vet er at dette fascinerende albumet inneholder noen av deres mest streite og strukturerte lÄter pÄ mange Är, samtidig som det inneholder deres kanskje mest krevende stykke musikk noen gang.

    Dobbeltalbumet er delt inn i tre bolker , fÞrst fem lÄter spilt inn i Frankrike sist september sammen med Reine Fiske, under samme studiobesÞk som deres Ole Paus-samarbeid. SÄ kommer albumets hovedverk, 47 minutter lange «N.O.X», delt inn i fem satser og spilt inn i Ocean Sound studio pÄ SunnmÞre. SÄ til slutt et knippe upretensiÞse, nesten skisseaktige lÄter, spilt inn i bandets Þvingsrom pÄ Dora.

    Det kan virke rart at «N.O.X» er plassert i midten, og at man dermed ikke bare mÄ skifte side, men plate midt i sekvensen. Men rekkefÞlgen gir absolutt mening. De fire fÞrste lÄtene setter lytteren i stemning for filleristingen under «N.O.X», og sÄ kan man roe nervene og puste ut til de delvis nedtonede siste fire lÄtene.

    Tittelkuttet Äpner ballet, og tar opp konkurransen med «The Tower» som den beste enkeltlÄten bandet har skapt det siste tiÄret. Et mektig og intelligent verk som bringer tankene til 70-tallets progrock og nesten vel sÄ det (ja, jeg antyder symfrock). Men den er full av energi, og jeg kan knapt vente til jeg fÄr oppleve dette live.

    Etter den fine, men noe flatere og allerede singleutgitte «The Same Old Rock» fÄr Bent sving pÄ monsterbassingen pÄ «Magpie», en ultratypisk Motorpsycho-lÄt som vi nok ogsÄ vil fÄ oppleve i mange live-variasjoner nÄr slikt blir mulig igjen. En mektig Äpningstrio som etterfÞlges og gjÞres fullkommen av «Delusion (The Reign Of Humbug)» som er det nÊrmeste Motorpsycho har kommet en klassisk Greg Lake-ballade.

    SÄ fÞlger massive «N.O.X» der bandet, som pÄ urfremfÞringen, stÞttes av Lars Horntveth og Ola Kvernberg. De bidrar pÄ synth og keyboards til en massiv sonisk vegg. Kvernbergs fiolin er bare med pÄ Äpningssekvensen «Circles Around The Sun», men der er den til gjengjeld en mektig pÄdriver til de trolske Þstlige stemningene som nok har gitt inspirasjonen til utgivelsens pussige promobilder. Etter den hypnotiske Äpningen bukter «N.O.X» seg i de fleste retninger. Det er ytterst fascinerende, men noen stillestÄende perioder mÄ pÄregnes. Enkelte jÄlete Þyeblikk ogsÄ. Etter konserten i fjor sommer skrev jeg at jeg liker Motorpsycho best nÄr de er nÊrmere Motorhead enn Wagner, og jeg gjentar det nÄ - men understreker ogsÄ at det ikke er ofte pompÞsiteten tar overhÄnd. De har den grunnleggende energien.

    Et pussig sÊrtrekk ved samlingen som helhet er at pÄfallende mange lÄter starter med klimpring pÄ akustisk gitar. I to minutter lange «A Little Light» fÄr Hans Magnus Ryans kassegitar hele lydbildet. Veldig fint. Men de fire lÞsere avslutningslÄtene er ikke bare nedtonet. Lange «Dreams Of Fancy» er et dynamisk eventyr i seg selv og «Like Chrome» er et mektig punktum pÄ et imponerende, massivt, krevende, mangslunget og utmattende album. Etter gjentatte gjennomhÞringer i den siste uken gleder jeg meg til en ny runde. Men jeg tror nok jeg trenger noen dagers pause fÞrst.

    Anmeldt av OLE JACOB HOEL

    Posted 11 months ago #
  22. mikke

    30 years after their first record recording, Motorpsycho still manages to renew and revitalize themselves, not least they do so on this monster of a double album.

    The trilogy "The Tower", "The Crucible" and now "The All In One" are perhaps the strongest album three-leaf clover Motorpsycho has created since they were at their most unstoppable in the mid-90s.

    The music has been created in dialogue with HÄkon GullvÄg's paintings. Both expressions address the major issues, threats to the environment, threats to democratic rights, monopolization, unification. At least that is the impression we have. Motorpsycho tends to wrap things up, make them more cryptic, open to personal interpretation. For example, I can imagine that the title and the title cut play on cultural unification and monopolization, Amazon & Co, but I do not know.

    The great work on the album, "N.O.X", was supposedly entitled "The World" when it was performed in its first edition during the spectacular concert at Olavsfest last year. But the original title indicates a kind of mass for a wounded earth (as it actually is) and may appear overly pretentious. The more cryptic "N.O.X" was chosen. And what does "N.O.X" stand for? Possibly a combination of an abbreviation for a rather narrow science fiction phenomenon and a nod to the Greek night god Nox. But again: Who knows? What I actually know is that this fascinating album contains some of their most strenuous and structured songs in many years, while at the same time containing perhaps their most demanding piece of music ever.

    The double album is divided into three sections, first five songs recorded in France last September together with Reine Fiske, during the same studio visit as their Ole Paus collaboration. Then comes the album's main work, 47 minutes long «N.O.X», divided into five movements and recorded in Ocean Sound studio in SunnmÞre. Then finally a bunch of unpretentious, almost sketchy songs, recorded in the band's rehearsal room at Dora.

    It may seem strange that "N.O.X" is located in the middle, and that you thus not only have to change sides, but plates in the middle of the sequence. But the order certainly makes sense. The first four songs put the listener in the mood for the ruffle during "N.O.X", and then you can calm your nerves and breathe out to the partially toned down last four songs.

    The title cut opens the ball, and takes up the competition with "The Tower" as the best single song the band has created in the last decade. A powerful and intelligent work that brings to mind 70's prog rock and almost saw it (yes, I suggest symfrock). But it is full of energy, and I can hardly wait to experience this live.

    After the fine, but somewhat flatter and already single-released "The Same Old Rock", Bent gets a spin on the monster bass on "Magpie", an ultraterically typical Motorpsycho song that we will probably also experience in many live variations when this becomes possible again. A powerful opening trio that is followed and perfected by "Delusion (The Reign Of Humbug)" which is the closest Motorpsycho has come to a classic Greg Lake ballad.

    Then follows the massive «N.O.X» where the band, as on the premiere, is supported by Lars Horntveth and Ola Kvernberg. They contribute on synth and keyboards to a massive sonic wall. Kvernberg's violin is only part of the opening sequence "Circles Around The Sun", but there it is in return a powerful driving force for the magical eastern moods that have probably provided the inspiration for the release's funny promo images. After the hypnotic opening, "N.O.X" meanders in most directions. It is extremely fascinating, but some stagnant periods must be expected. Some jealous moments too. After the concert last summer, I wrote that I like Motorpsycho best when they are closer to Motorhead than Wagner, and I repeat it now - but also emphasize that it is not often that pomposity takes over. They have the basic energy.

    A funny feature of the collection as a whole is that strikingly many songs start with strumming on acoustic guitar. In two minutes long "A Little Light", Hans Magnus Ryan's box guitar gets the whole soundscape. Very nice. But the four looser ending songs are not just toned down. Long "Dreams Of Fancy" is a dynamic adventure in itself and "Like Chrome" is a powerful sentence on an impressive, massive, demanding, diverse and exhausting album. After repeated hearings in the last week, I look forward to another round. But I think I need a few days break first.

    Reviewed by OLE JACOB HOEL

    Posted 11 months ago #
  23. Valderrama

    Muziekkrant OOR (Dutch)

    Posted 11 months ago #
  24. mikke

    Dagens NĂŠringsliv

    Tekst Audun Vinger
    28. august 2020

    Den massive «GullvÄg-trilogien» blir fullfÞrt med et ekspansivt dobbeltalbum fra det beste og lengstvirkende bandet innen moderne norsk eventyrrock. Det er mye musikk Ä prosessere her, men fans av Motorpsycho kjenner jo godt til den utfordringen.

    Selve burgeren er verket «N. O. X», som varer i 42 minutter og tar lytteren med til forskjellige av erkjennelsens stadier, hjulpet av de Ă„pne jazzmusikerne Ola Kvernberg og Lars Horntveth. Den hengslete svorske gitarhelten Reine Fiske er med pĂ„ noen – i denne sammenhengen – mer konvensjonelle lĂ„ter, men det sentrale er alltid Ă„ fĂžlge sammenviklingen av Bent & Snah og trommis Tomas JĂ€rmyr, og finne kjernen.

    Men det ville sikkert vÊrt like godt om Motorpsycho ikke forsÞkte Ä overgÄ seg selv ambisjonsmessig igjen pÄ neste prosjekt. De er jo minst like interessante og medrivende nÄr de «bare speller litt.»

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  25. mikke

    Motorpsycho sprenger alle grenser - ogsÄ sine egne

    Jeg er ekstremt motstander av mesterskap i musikkens verden. Men dette mĂ„ vĂŠre toppen i norsk rock, sĂ„ langt – etter 60 Ă„r. Men vi har heldigvis mange Ă„r foran oss.

    Av Arild RĂžnsen // 28.08.20
    Motorpsycho lever i sin egen verden, og takk for det. De gir jamt faen i hva musikken kalles. Mer og mer i sin lange karriere spiller de bare sin egen musikk. Uten Ă„ skjele til verken den ene eller andre sjanger.

    For Ä sette det pÄ spissen: I «Night of Pan» har de stjÄlet hele riffet fra Paul Simons «Late in the Evening» - og lenger unna Simon & Garfunkel i det musikalske uttrykket er det vel vanskelig Ä komme? Det er virkelig et stykke vei Ä gÄ mellom Paul Simon og Motorpsycho.

    «Night of Pan» ligger midt inne i en over 40 minutter lang suite kalt «N.O.X.», fordelt pĂ„ hver sin side av den doble CD-utgaven. Foruten trioen som utgjĂžr det faste bandet, er bĂ„de Ola Kvernberg (fiolin) og Lars Horntvedt (keys) kreditert som lĂ„tskrivere. Jeg har trĂžbbel med Ă„ beskrive det musikalske innholdet – annet enn at dette bokstavelig talt er elektrisk bra!

    De kaller en av lÄtene «The Same Old Rock». Men dette er faktisk ikke mer av det samme. Alt lÄter flunka nytt. Selv om de stÄr pÄ skuldrene av sine forfedre. Er det progrock? Ja, det er det vel. Kunne Motorpsycho lagd dette albumet, om ikke Genesis kom opp med «The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway» for 45 Är siden? Neppe.

    Likevel er dette noe helt annet. Motorpsycho er eksperimentelle, pÄ samme mÄte som Genesis var den gang da. Men Motorpsycho er mye mer eksperimentelle enn Peter Gabriel var anno the mid-seventies. Genesis fungerte i et musikalsk landskap der dette var legalt, vÄgalt - likevel langt inn i det streite pop-publikumets innerste kjerne. De som likte Supertramp og 10CC, likte vanligvis ogsÄ Genesis, Yes og King Crimson.

    SÄnn er det ikke i dag. Det er langt mellom ungdom som liker Beyoncé, og samtidig er fan av Motorpsycho. Men kanskje er det mange som liker den avanserte pop-komponisten Sondre Lerche som ogsÄ digger Motorpsycho? Jeg tror det. Jeg hÄper i hvert fall det.

    Motorpsycho utfordrer deg som lytter. Konsekvent. Hele tida. SpÞr du meg, burde bandet inviteres til Ä spille under den offisielle Äpninga nÄr det restaurerte orgelet i Notre Dame skal innvies.

    Den som gĂ„r uberĂžrt fra mĂžtet med «The All Is One» bĂžr ta seg en pust i bakken, og tenke – hvor stĂ„r jeg egentlig hen, her i livet?

    SĂ„ bra er Motorpsycho.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  26. mefisto

    Stavanger Aftenblad

    Posted 11 months ago #
  27. GBD

    6/6 in Dagbladet

    Posted 11 months ago #
  28. Wulf

    Google Translation of

    Motorpsycho pushes all boundaries - even their own

    I am extremely opposed to championships in the world of music. But this must be the top in Norwegian rock, so far - after 60 years. But fortunately we have many years ahead of us.

    By Arild RĂžnsen // 28.08.20
    Motorpsycho lives in its own world, and thank you for that. They give a damn about what the music is called. More and more in their long careers, they only play their own music. Without squinting at either genre.

    To put it bluntly: in "Night of Pan" they have stolen the entire riff from Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening" - and further away from Simon & Garfunkel in the musical expression it is difficult to get? There really is a long way to go between Paul Simon and Motorpsycho.

    "Night of Pan" is located in the middle of a more than 40-minute suite called "N.O.X.", distributed on each side of the double CD edition. In addition to the trio that makes up the regular band, both Ola Kvernberg (violin) and Lars Horntvedt (keys) are credited as songwriters. I have trouble describing the musical content - other than that this is literally electrically good!

    They call one of the songs "The Same Old Rock". But this is actually no longer the same. Everything sounds brand new. Even if they stand on the shoulders of their ancestors. Is it progrock? Yes, that's it. Could Motorpsycho have made this album if Genesis had not come up with "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" 45 years ago? Hardly.

    Yet this is something completely different. Motorpsycho are experimental, just like Genesis was then. But Motorpsycho is much more experimental than Peter Gabriel was in the mid-seventies. Genesis functioned in a musical landscape where this was legal, daring - yet far into the inner core of the straight pop audience. Those who liked Supertramp and 10CC, usually also liked Genesis, Yes and King Crimson.

    That is not the case today. There is a long way between young people who like Beyoncé, and at the same time are a fan of Motorpsycho. But maybe there are many who like the advanced pop composer Sondre Lerche who also loves Motorpsycho? I think so. At least I hope so.

    Motorpsycho challenges you as a listener. Consistent. All the time. If you ask me, the band should be invited to play during the official opening when the restored organ in Notre Dame is to be inaugurated.

    Anyone who walks untouched from the meeting with "The All Is One" should take a deep breath and think - where do I really stand, in this life?

    So good is Motorpsycho.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  29. Wulf
    Member Review

    Translation into English from German by deepl:

    Motor Psycho - The All Is One

    At least in their home country Norway, MOTORPSYCHO have long since achieved a certain legendary status. A top 10 chart position is guaranteed here with every new album. The state museum for the appreciation and documentation of Norway's popular musical heritage "Rockheim" now lists MOTORPSYCHO in its Hall of Fame in a row with A-HA. No, MOTORPSYCHO do not have to prove anything to anyone anymore. And that makes their continued eagerness to work while maintaining the consistently high quality of their output all the more amazing. Where other bands from much less complex subgenres have long since abandoned the good old two-year rhythm for releases, MOTORPSYCHO has something new to offer almost every year. In 2019, "The Crucible" almost reached the high score in 2019. Can "The All Is One" continue there?

    "The All Is One" takes its time

    Where "The Crucible" celebrated the prog in all its impudence last year with only three extra-long tracks on 40 minutes, "The All Is One" increases the tracklist, but reduces the playing time only to a limited extent. The result is a beaten one and a half hour of searching and finding between sophisticated pop music, folk, jazz and unheaded prog rapture.

    "The All Is One" starts once again on the tracks of the BEATLES and melancholic pop moments of a STEVEN WILSON. Later on, gypsy strings and DYLAN moments, flutes and vocal harmonies follow, reminiscent of JETHRO TULL and, in the more threatening moments, of the folk-prog OPETH albums of the last decade (see track number five).

    At MOTORPSYCHO, quantity does not come at the expense of quality

    Towards the middle of the album, "All Is One" turns into a five-part prog excursion including long, cryptic titles and with the greatest possible renunciation of vocals. Masterful and completely natural, MOTORPSYCHO lured the listener from the quite accessible album entry into this hypnotic sound thicket of psychedelic pop, herb and more.

    The ecstatic finale of "Circles Around The Sun Pt 2" is followed by an acoustic relaxation break with "A Little Light", which introduces the home stretch of "The All Is One". MOTORPSYCHO end the journey where it began about 90 minutes ago: At the place of perfect pop-prog harmony. This band can do almost everything. Even in the rhythm of the year.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  30. Wulf
    Member review

    Translation into English from German by deepl:

    Motorpsycho – The All Is One

    By Raphael Lukas Genovese on August 28, 2020

    (84:47, 2LP, 2CD, Digital, Stickman Records / Noisolution / Soulfood, 2020)

    Motorpsycho from Trondheim in Norway finish their GullvÄg trilogy with the present album "The All is One". The previous albums "The Tower" (2017) and "The Crucible" (2019) already won the award #TeapotOfTheWeek. So the expectations for part three of the saga are naturally high.

    And indeed, the three Norwegians have come up with something very special for the last part of the journey. As usual, the extravagant and extremely talented artist HĂ„kon GullvĂ„g was responsible for the cover design. What is inside the cover is much more than just an album. The third part of the GullvĂ„g trilogy "The All is One" (LP page 1 and 4) is on a double CD or double LP. It includes the colorful journey to distant galaxies "N.O.X. ∞", which fills pages 2 and 3 with about 24 minutes playing time.

    Both in terms of content and sound, "N.O.X. ∞" literally stands out from the main work "The All is One". The title-giving work is determined by progressive, psychedelic and sophisticated rock music with a lot of blues and some jazz in the luggage. The inserted journey to the middle of the double album becomes a multi-instrumental excursion into fields of space rock, acid, jazz and atmospheric sound art. Completely in the sign of the infinity one moves here in circles and spirals. Accordingly, the choice of titles falls on circles that move around the sun, the snake 'Ouroboros' or loops that bite its own tail.

    Surprisingly, neither compass nor GPS are needed to navigate the very stubborn constellation of styles and concepts. "The All is One" and "N.O.X. ∞" can be listened to both individually and together as a complete work. Bent SĂŠther (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums), Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan (guitar, vocals, keyboards, mandolin, violin, bass) and Tomas JĂ€rmyr (drums, vocals) manage to present complex processes and structures in such a way that they delicately pamper the ear.

    The trio is supported on the almost one and a half hour long piece by Ola Kvernberg (Steamdome), Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist, Amgala Temple) and Reine Fiske.

    What Motorpsycho have delivered here is without doubt art. Not only has the GullvĂ„g trilogy received an absolutely worthy conclusion with "The All is One". At the same time, the included album "N.O.X. ∞", the included album will directly start the next journey, which will not stop at infinity.

    Motor Psycho stimulates each synapse individually and the whole body as a whole. Every tone, every harmony, every beat sits exactly where it belongs, to pamper the senses holistically and completely. "The All is One" manages to animate body and mind to the maximum with even the softest of tones.

    Rating: 15/15 points

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