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The Secret History Of Norwegian Music

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  • Started 1 month ago by ThorEgil
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  1. ThorEgil

    Just in case anybody missed the latest newsletter from Stickman:

    "The Secret History Of Norwegian Music - a radio series by Bent Sæther and Radio Raheem

    Bent (of Motorpsycho fame) has compiled an amazing series of 5 hour-long programs for Radio Raheem, a well-known web radio station in Italy. The shows will air Tuesdays at 9PM CET for 5 weeks beginning today. On the following Wednesdays the programs will be available for replay on with the addition of Bent's incredibly informative, fun commentary on all tracks. This series is a labour of love which details his take on the Norwegian music of the last 60 years."

    The first episode is out.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. Bartok

    Nice! Thanks for the info!

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. Johnny_Heartfield

    Wow - great compilation! If you didn't know already you could well guess where MP is coming from musically. I'm quite curious about the song they will write for ESC one day

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. Vegard B. Havdal

    Man what a treat, more here:


    The best black metal album is called Sons of northern darkness.

    The TNT record to listen to is Knights of the new thunder.

    The two first albums by still stand. Far left CSN&Y from Trøndelag.

    Posted 6 days ago #
  5. mikke

    Lots of stuff to discuss here.
    I would at least add Seigmen to the list, Ameneon from '93 still works fine for me.

    Posted 6 days ago #
  6. kjesso

    Nice list, with lots of favourites, but also plenty of unknown names.

    Does anybody know if Bent dislikes Bergen? I cannot find any bands from that city on his list. I would definitely add The Aller Værste! to the list, probably also Barbie Bones.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  7. grindove

    @Vegard B. Havdal
    "The TNT record to listen to is Knights of the new thunder."

    Yes, totally! I first bought it in 1985, when I was 11, and still listen to it - at least every time one of the members has his birthday

    "I would at least add Seigmen to the list"

    Same here (although I prefer "Total"), but when I think about it I can only recall that Mp mentioned them once, when Snah 22 years ago in passing (maybe jokingly) said that Seigmen stopped using tremolo when Jimmy Fernandez' death put an end to The God Machine.

    For some reason I expected Det Glade Vanvidd and Mark Anthony

    Posted 5 days ago #

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