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N.O.X. live

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  • Started 5 months ago by Johnny_Heartfield


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  1. Johnny_Heartfield

    Had a good listen of N.O.X. today finally (Trondheim 22.10. version) - approached the dreaded beast with care but was positively surprised. Live the parts that were electronically (over-)killed on the album start to live again, and quite so! Probably good to have Tomas' drums much louder than the keyboard rhythms.

    I came to like the piece quite a bit, other than the studio version, that I chose to like N.O.T. Even if I still think it's a little too long, the instrumental parts still give a good background for a decent flute solo... (joking).

    But really - a good and heavily breathed flute is just what that number is waiting for. Reduce those synthesizer backings to a minimum and let the dance begin!

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