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19.12.2020 - Byscenen, Trondheim NO (early)

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  1. fillmore

    19.12.2020 - Byscenen, Trondheim NO (early show, attendance 50)
    Bent, Snah, Tomas

    Like Chrome
    Sinful Windborne
    Like Always
    The United Debased
    The Crucible
    The All is One
    Close Yr Eyes >
    Carl Bertil
    X-Mas Time is Here

    Bent on IG: "a fittingly weird end to a weird year. this ‘max 50 people’ thing makes playing a 600 cap hall a really surreal experience... but thank you so much to byscenen and everyone who made it - you are all gold! extra special thanks to Lolly Lux for picking up where Larry left off. R.I.P. 4 shows in two days for a total of approx 9hours of rockage."

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