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Motorpsycho inspired music?

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  • Started 4 months ago by psychomittens


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  1. psychomittens

    Been a pretty big fan of this band for several years now, having stumbled upon discovering them by accident (which I'm forever grateful for). Never before witnessed a band proving so capable of harnessing such a broad spectrum of genres, mixing both mainstream and unorthodox musical elements in such an unprecedented way. For brevity's sake, I love this band and so need not to say more (except howtf is it even possible they are not more widely known outside of Norway?).

    Listening to this band and other stoner/psychedelic rock groups inspired me to take up music as an adult (lacking any prior experience), self teaching to play instruments and create my own music. In spite of how undeniably disruptive and damaging this pandemic has been, it has also provided me with ample time and better opportunity to pursue this newfound passion of mine.

    Anyway long story short, in case anybody might be interested, recently finished up a very rough demo track for a 19-minute long(ass) 4-part mini suite thing. Intended as a sort-of loose tribute to old-school Motorpsycho. Definitely no ripoff, yet the influence here should be obvious. Hope I'm not being conceited, but just felt like sharing this somewhere, and this seemed like the right place to do so(?).


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