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5 h radio documentary in German

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  1. Kid A

    Last night, this extensive documentary aired on the German radio station Deutschlandfunk.


    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. ThorEgil

    Could somebody please translate this to English? Come on - it's just 5 hours. FIVE HOURS!

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. suntripper

    @Kid A: Many thanks for the link. Only five hours? Come on! How can you hope to do justice?

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. Great King Rat

    Thanks for the link, KidA! Maybe it's worth noting that it'll only be available until June 7th.

    Have just listened to the first hour. There wasn't too much talking yet, just some info on the beginnings and some random comments on the songs played. Those are: The United debased, Kingdom of Oblivion, Step inside, Nothing to say, Feedtime, Feel & The Golden Core.

    I don't know the author/speaker of this documentary, so I don't know if he is a psychonaut, but I suspect not for two reasons: After "Nothing to say" he comments that it seems strange that they sing "nothing/something to say" at the same time. He doesn't say "first nothing, then someting", he says "at the same time". I find that very strange; and would find it even stranger if he was right and I'd never noticed...
    The second strange thing: He announces TGC as the last song of TM but then plays a weird instrumental version with a sax and some distorting noises in the beginning. Never heard that before, and didn't like it too much. Anyone know that version?

    Funny that one goes to great length to make a 5 hour documentary and then gets basic things wrong... They are are wrong, aren't they?

    Posted 1 month ago #
  5. Juergen

    The moderator of the special is Tim Schauen and he is a psychonaut! I and some other fans met him in Leipzig in October 2019 and he was responsbible for the radio broadcast of this show. The broadcast would not have happened without him.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  6. Great King Rat

    I didn't mean to discredit him and believe you when you say he's a believer. I still find those two things I mentioned strange though.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  7. Thomas

    And his main source seems to be a fan, "let's call him Äxl" Quite a nice appreciation, isn't it?

    Posted 1 month ago #
  8. schnu underberg

    i heard 5 hours of great music with my girl.
    we had a nice eavening, discussing music and MP concerts we have seen.
    thank you, tim schauen, for a realy great selection of motorpsycho tracks.
    where does the version of "the golden core" come from???

    Posted 1 month ago #
  9. Tomcat

    Quote: "Bent&Snah = the Lennon/McCartney of Prog?

    @Schnu: RW II

    Posted 1 month ago #
  10. Johnny_Heartfield

    Great compilation! Great radio show! Makes you think over all the petty discussions on the latest album sound or the best MP album of all times. In this context some of the old and new jewels shine on. As the best MP song is always the one you're listening to it can happen that you rate "Serpentine" much better than all the new MP stuff you have listend to recently. And vice versa, of course

    Posted 1 month ago #
  11. TheVoid

    @Great King Rat
    @schnu underberg
    This version of The Golden Core is
    from Roadworks #2
    Jazzy as Jazz can...

    Posted 1 month ago #
  12. Great King Rat

    @Tomcat & The Void: Thanks! So I must have heard it before... Obviously it didn't stuck with me.

    Now that I've listened to the whole thing, I agree with the others here: It'S a great choice of songs that takes you on a 30 year long journey.

    Most of the talking by Bent and fellow Norse musicians isn't new though, it's taken from another Deutschlandfunk feature from two or three years ago.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  13. Juergen

    ThorEgil asked for a translation. The interview parts were overdubbed with German speakers which makes it hard to re-translate into English.

    The special by Tim Schauen is really worth a listening. The playlist of the station

    has some minor errors (After The Fair was not listed and The Golden Core was not taken from Timothy's Monster but Roadwork 2 instead). Nearly every song was played in it's entirety (which is untypical for radio formats in these days). There are no songs of a those albums: Lobotomizer, Child Of The Future, The Death Defying Unicorn and Motorpnakotic Manuscripts and it was not possible to play songs of all live releases, compilations and EPs, either.

    The special ended with a complete version of Fools Gold (live Leipzig 2019-10-16).

    Deutschlandfunk Radionacht Rock "Im Kosmos der Psychonauten"
    May 8, 2021 (broadcast date)

    hour 1:

    Tim Schauen - (0:47)
    The United Debased (from Kingdom Of Oblivion) - (9:49)
    Tim Schauen - (10:25)
    Kingdom Of Oblivion (from Kingdom Of Oblivion) - (17:07)
    Tim Schauen - (18:53)
    Step Inside (from 8 Soothing Songs For Ruth) - (26:00)
    Tim Schauen - (26:33)
    Nothing To Say (from Demon Box) - (31:49)
    Tim Schauen - (32:41)
    Feedtime (from Demon Box) - (37:55)
    Tim Schauen - (40:02)
    Feel (from Timothy's Monster) - (43:26)
    The Golden Core (from Roadwork vol. 2) - (55:33)

    hour 2:

    Blick in die Sterne/Tim Schauen - (2:22)
    The Nerve Tattoo (from Blissard) - (6:24)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (12:05)

    (taken from an interview with Bent by Tim Schauen in Leipzig on October 16th 2019):
    Bent describes the band's music:
    "It is mostly hardrock pop with a psychedelical improvisational twist to it and sometimes we play jazz, folk and country & western but mostly it is hardrock stuff."

    "We are not really too concerned with that muscial styles. I think it is terrible to put labels on music. Music is an open language which can achieve everyone. If the people read of labels they are not interested in listening to the music and can miss a lot. In between all the labels all the fun stuff happens to us and that makes music interesting and magic moments can appear. Human beings are not meant to be categorised, either because everyone is an individual. Motor means "huge energy" and psycho means "music outside the normal". The name "Motorpsycho" fits to the band. We come out of the area of the old 60's/early 70's where bands mixed the musical styles. Maybe other bands want to copy the style, too but they miss the idea to it. We have the attitude to it and maybe that is different to those other bands. If I concentrate too much on one idea the muse gets lost and it will not come back with new music. Whenever I get an idea I record with my mobile phone and make a demo out of it or we will work with a band on it. If it is good enough then we will try it out live and if is good enough we will record it. The process of critical self censorship takes place later than in other bands. We have many songs not recorded and this is special for us. If you remain open you can't get stuck like concentrating on one style. Other artists have projects or hobby bands to avoid this tiredness of the own style. We can use the umbrella with the name "Motorpsycho" and it works. In commercial terms it is more difficult, of course. It would be more successful to use the same style for a few years but it would be too boring for us, too. We prefer to do the stuff which we want to do for 30 years instead of being successful for five years. After we had realised being treated unfair by our first label we asked Rolf Gustavus if he had an idea. He suggested to found a new label which concentrates on Motorpsycho releases. They have expanded and released more records by other bands since then."

    Tim Schauen - (12:27)
    Greener (from Blissard)
    's Numbness (start only, from Blissard) - (18:46)
    Tim Schauen - (19:29)
    S.T.G. (from Blissard) - (28:25)
    Tim Schauen - (29:13)
    Starmelt/Lovelight (from Angels And Daemons At Play) - (32:46)
    Un Chien D'Espace (from Angels And Daemons At Play, end missing) - (45:02)
    Tim Schauen - (46:43)
    Oliver Polak quote - (46:59)

    "If you fall in love with that band it is the best which can happen to you because you don't need another band in your life. Motorpsycho are all favourite bands in one band, better than The Beatles."

    Tim Schauen - (47:19)
    Vortex Surfer (from Trust Us) - (55:43)

    hour 3:

    Tim Schauen - (0:12)
    The Other Fool (from Let Them Eat Cake) - (5:50)
    Tim Schauen - (6:50)
    Go To California (from Phanerothyme) - (14:45)
    Painting The Night Unreal (from Phanerothyme) - (21:15)
    Tim Schauen - (21:35)
    Pills, Powders & Passionplays (from In The Fishtanks) - (28:35)
    Serpentine (from It's A Love Cult) - (33:50)
    Tim Schauen - (34:23)
    Bent (Trondheim 2018, interviewed by Manuel Unger, German speaker overdubs) - (38:00)

    Bent: "I moved to Trondheim when I was 19 and wanted to study at university. Trondheim offered everything which I needed in a city. After we had started to play music I realised that I did not want to be a part of a music scene. I was not interested in the business and I did not feel that I had to hang out with other musicians all the time. The city was huge enough to fulfill our wishes. Snah is also of the same temperament, we are both not the most sociable persons. Hard to say, we are like a business company but we still regard it as art. We need time and concentration to create good art. Trondheim does not offer many alternatives and so it is a good place to focus, so that is my favourite point. You can find much nature in Trondheim, we live near the nature. I wander and go skiing with family and friends."

    Manuel: "Do you need the nature to be creative?"

    Bent: "I don't know, I think I don't need anything special. I need boredom, this is what I really need."

    Question: "How did you start with music?"

    Bent: "I have always dreamt of music. My cousins introduced me to Kiss at the age of seven, I got my first Kiss album at the age of eight or nine and that was it when it started. I worked at the university's radio station during my studies and I considered becoming a music journalist but the band came and took over."

    No Evil (from Black Hole/Black Canvas) - (44:05)
    Year Zero - (50:13)

    Year Zero was separated because another short feature ("Das Kalenderblatt") overdubbed it for five minutes.

    hour 4:

    Tim Schauen - (0:11)
    The Alchemyst (from A Little Lucid Moments) - (12:09)
    Tim Schauen - (12:53)
    Per Borton (from Spidergawd, interview in Leipzig in March 2019, German speaker overdubs) - (13:37)

    Per: "I grew up outside the city. After the release of the Demon Box album and I still can remember the first track of this album, it was Nothing To Say. I was 15 years old and it was on a party at five o'clock in the morning and someone turned the volume up on a high level. It was the first or second time that I was completely drunk and I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life."

    X-3/The Getaway Special (from Heavy Metal Fruit) - (22:38)
    Tim Schauen - (23:15)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (23:59)

    Bent: "We are professionals, we meet at 10 a.m. up to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and try out many things every day. It was different when we didn't have families because we could do all the things whenever we wanted to. In addition to that we have other duties now."

    Tim Schauen - (24:09)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (25:10)

    Bent: "We have the fifth drummer now and we had some keyboard players and some guitar players, too but Snah and me are the core of the band. We complete each other very well. One example: If I write a song then I have a complete chord structure and the song is nearly finished but it still lacks of a melody. Snah contributes the melody. If it is the other way around and Snah offers a melody it lacks the chord structure and I can offer the drums and more to the melody. We are a good songwriter team though we are different characters."

    August (from Still Life With Eggplant) - (29:57)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (30:29)

    Bent: "If it is only songs then I might lose interest like verses, chorus, solo and chorus again. I write other things, maybe for a theatre play. As long as I am not bound to a special form or structure I can challenge my creativity and everything can happen. I haven't been bored, yet."

    Tim Schauen - (30:53)
    Cloudwalker (from Behind The Sun) - (36:43)
    On A Plate (from Behind The Sun) - (40:47)
    Tim Schauen (about the forum of the unoffical homepage) - (42:11)
    Big Black Dog (from Here Be Monsters) - (59:15)

    hour 5:

    part 1 of the fifth hour:

    Tim Schauen - (0:10)
    The Magpie (from The All Is One) - (5:01)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (6:18)

    Bent: "We were conceited in the beginning. Our aims were high but our abilities limited. We said: 'You don't like our music, that's okay, it was not meant for you.' It was like holding a red cloth in front of a bull and the people asked themselves: 'Do I miss something?' It was the best we had done. The first two records and half of Demon Box were not brilliant but something happened during the recording of Demon Box. Our influences were transfered to the music. The first Motorpsycho song I was really happy with it and I am still happy with was Plan #1. It had taken a few years before we were really that good which we had pretended to be. It was really punk. 'F+++ it if you don't get it.'"

    Tim Schauen - (6:58)
    Bartok Of The Universe (from The Tower) - (13:00)
    Psychotzar - (from The Crucible) - (21:37)
    Like Chrome - (from The All Is One) - (26:32)

    part 2 (after the "Presseschau"):
    Tim Schauen - (0:06)
    After The Fair (from Kingdom Of Oblivion) - (1:45)
    Tim Schauen - (2:16)
    Bent (German speaker overdubs) - (2:43)

    Bent: "We have never had a hit because I am not interested in stopping. This is my life. It is a satisfying work and there is no need for a hit."

    Tim Schauen - (3:38)
    Fools Gold (live Conne Island, Leipzig 16.10.2019) -

    Posted 1 month ago #
  14. ThorEgil

    @Juergen Impressive work - thanks!

    Posted 1 month ago #

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