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2022-04-29 Malmö, Plan B

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  • Started 3 weeks ago by The Other Anders
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  1. The Other Anders

    Hell 1-3
    United Debased
    Pacific Sonata
    Running with Scissors

    Fools Gold last song on setlist. Not played.

    2h 30m

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  2. Punj Lizard

    @Anders - oh dear, looks like you fell victim to the Plan #1 / Fools Gold finale you expressed concern about. Still, I hope you had a good show.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  3. otherdemon

    Of course they waited until now to bust out Hogwash

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  4. gyankumar

    Best Hogwash in years on a rather mediocre show, playlist, sound and audience wise! I was hoping/wishing for a much more trilogy oriented gig with some King Rock and Back Catalog goodies. Compared to my last Pre-COVID MP show in Frankfurt 2019 the set list didn’t do justice. And in all respect; Sweden even with 50% swedes in the band stays a rather strange ground for the band. As always a very talkative and non attentive crowd in a with 200 people not even half filled place, considering the 15,-€ entry bargain (last show I remember paying less than twenty bucks must be in the late nineties!). However some moments of pure MP bliss occurred and all that was audible from Fiske was psychedelic heaven for my ears. Järmyr kills it as always and still I would prefer him in the back of the band stand. His drum sound creates a kind of a war zone when he really starts to fire it up. My only gig for this tour still worth the 7h car ride. I hope the COVID paranoia settles a bit before entering Germany so that you guys will have a more intimate and joyful ride through Europe. Ride on!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  5. Punj Lizard

    @gyankumar - Anekdoten were also playing in Malmö last night so that might have affected the number of attendees.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  6. gyankumar

    @Punj Lizard. Oh, didn’t know! That would have been a very nice combination to see them sharing the stage. At least from Anekdoten side I know how much they admire MP and usually at least Peter and Nicolas are attending the concerts in Stockholm. Still, if you ever have seen Motorpsycho play Schlachthof Bremen, 013 Tilburg, Dornrosje Nijmegen etc. you’ll get the point about Sweden. I mean, there are so many great Norwegian bands on Rune Grammofon alone, not even mentioning all the other excellent jazz and rock bands that simply don’t play Sweden for whatever (or maybe the same) reason.

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  7. The Other Anders

    Yesterday was at times a bit rough around the edges, with moments of magic here and there. I can't shake the feeling that they were not up in gear yet, although the reports from Norway indicate otherwise. Last night they continued the trend of tour debuting 2-3 songs each night. We got STG, Feel and Hogwash.

    STG saw the return of the original outro, which they used to jam on back in the 90's before the never-ending-bang-bang-ending took over in 2002. This return to former glory flowed seamlessly into a wonderful Lacuna, which took us to the quiet realm of outer space before flowing into Running With Scissors. Easily the highlight to me!

    Honorable mentions: United Debased, Pacific Sonata and Cosmoctopus.

    Cloudwalker turned out to be a fine addition to the set. I think they do something else to it in the instrumental part, although I will have to compare before I conclude. And Plan #1 was another fine addition. It's an undisputable classic.

    @Punj: Hehe, I know it is a matter of English, but "victim" might be to stretch it. Then I guess I can also consider myself "lucky" for Fool's Gold planned, but not played, which I don't.

    I had a look at the last song of the last 43 concerts I attended, back to and including 2009:

    6 The Golden Core
    6 The Tower
    5 Gullible's Travails
    5 Fool's Gold
    4 Vortex Surfer
    3 Here Be Monsters
    2 Hogwash
    2 Plan #1
    1 Come On In
    1 Nothing To Say
    1 Into The Sun
    1 Burn
    1 Starhammer
    1 Into The Mystic
    1 Feel
    1 Taifun
    1 Lux Aeterna
    1 no encore

    In fact the 2009 tour had The Golden Core played 6 out of 7 times, 2010 tour had Gullible's Travails played 5 out of 6, 2016 Here Be Monsters 3/3, while Fool's Gold and Plan #1 have been spread over several tours. Turns out I have nothing to complain about.

    Needless to say I am very psyched for Copenhagen tonight. I feel incredibly lucky having two concerts on this tour within an hour of travel's reach.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  8. Great King Rat

    That's a lot of Golden Cores! I saw it only three times in well over 50 shows since 1999.

    I feel the same about my location in northern Germany. Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen are within easy reach for me.

    Have fun in Copenhagen!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  9. suntripper

    @Punj Lizard: Motorpsycho vs a rare Anekdoten gig - that would have been a tricky decision!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  10. fillmore

    200 people in Malmö with Anecdoten playing the same night?! That is a very good result for MP in 2022! Good job by the promoter indeed.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  11. fillmore

    Great pictures on Facebook.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  12. grindove

    My "absolute favorites" were few and far inbetween: "A hoof to the head", "Cosmoctopus" and "Plan #1". Total worship during those moments!

    "Hell, part 1-3", "The united debased", second half of "A Pacific sonata" and "Lacuna/Sunrise" were solid.

    I actually love "STG", but it didn't sound as powerful as I'd wish, and I often want it a bit faster, as was the case also this time. Still good, though!

    Unfortunate for me there was too much I always can do without, such as second half of the "LLM" suite (but I needed to visit the toilet anyway, so it was OK), "Cloudwalker" (although the new section/jam made it slightly better, or at least kind of interesting), first half of "A Pacific sonata" (but I was almost dying from thirst, so it came timely), "Feel" (somewhat nice version anyway) and especially "Hogwash" (which was in parts saved by Tomas' whims of playing uptempo).

    Worth the trip from Stockholm? Hell (part 1-7) yes! Even a "decent" Motorpsycho gig is better than most other bands. The "weak" Mp songs are still strong in comparison with other "similar" stuff out there. The main ruining factor of course being my expectations/hopes of "The wheel", "Mountian", "NOX", "Heartattack Mac", "Mad sun", "Ghost", "Hell, part 4-6", "Back to source", "Dreamkiller" etc. But hey: no covers, and finishing off the set with the best song of the evening - that's how I like it!

    The barrier making the huge distance to the stage/band is something we might have to accept in these times, but it doesn't do miracles with creating a nice atmosphere.

    Setlist pic (incl drummer):

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  13. The Other Anders

    @grindove: Cool pictures and nice to meet you! I was the guy who took a picture of your setlist.

    I agree with most of what you write both here and in the Copenhagen thread. The Malmö recording sounds better than the feeling I had in the room at the time, though. I think it was a combination of acoustics, setlist and mood in the room, as well as the band not firing on all cylinders yet. The contrast between the two nights makes them both very special.

    The perfect mini tour!

    Well, actually I would need ONE more gig including Mountain, Starhammer, H-Mac, Sun Ship, Tower, Step Inside, Magpie, IMS, Lady May, Sunchild, Babylon and The Wheel to make it really perfect. But apart from that...

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  14. grindove

    @Anders: Ah, so that was you?! Hehe, cool! Nice to get a face to the name. Though I might need a reminder next time we meet, bacause I have problems remembering what people look like

    Yes, in hindsight it might seem a bit weird being so harsh on a gig with three superfave tracks. That's more than during the following - enormously good - show (which "only" had one). But those songs I'm not a big fan of really affected my overall feeling and verdict in Malmö. Again, it sounds as if I thought it was bad. It wasn't. It was very good, just not overwhelming or mindblowing.

    Very happy I could attend these two dates, and looking forward to next time I get the opportunity to catch the band live - whatever they might cook up!

    Will follow every report from this tour with excitement. Have fun, you all! Cheers from Stockholm!

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  15. fillmore

    deleted - post in wrong thread

    Posted 2 weeks ago #

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