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2022-05-07 Nijmegen, Sonic Whip

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  1. Thomas

    Hell 1-3
    The Magpie
    The C
    Cosmoctopus Lurker >
    The Waning
    Every Dreamhome
    Ptzar >
    The Wheel

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  2. Tomcat

    The show was well attendet and started on time and lasted nearly 2 hours. The audience mostly stayed until the end, at least more than at the Desertfests. Great choice of songs, Magpie is indeed surprisingly strong; glad I also got Dreamhome, Cornucopia and The Wheel. The Sound was very good from the balcony and as well downstairs. If I was in the band I'd take out the acoustic guitars tonight at Vera ... have fun everybody, those hesitating: they are on top level with Reine fully present and he is important for the whole performance as never before. Any gig is worth going (of course;)

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  3. jessi

    *this is all you‘re gonna get*
    the wheel as a final was a huge gift!

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  4. crossskip

    Was great seeing the boys again! I think it's also the first time I could properly hear all Reine's contribution and they were great too! Still don't care for The Crucible that much, but no complaints other than that. The Magpie and the Cosmoctopus was a lot of fun live and The Wheel was an incredible ending indeed.

    The show went down pretty good with the festival crowd. Had some friends with me and they were having a great time as well. Can't make it to Groningen tonight unfortunately, so I'm hoping they save the NOX for Amsterdam

    Posted 2 weeks ago #

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