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2022-05-11 Fribourg FriSon

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  1. WearingYrSmell89

    Spin spin spin
    The crucible
    Lady may
    Like chrome
    At empires end
    Plan #1
    The tower

    2.5 hours
    Very dense concert, heavy and prog, almost every song was consecutive without stop.
    Audio quality not so good.
    New merch: hoodie and shirt with octopus, shirt with flowers, shirt with "make loud not war", vynil of Ulv in orange and blue.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. supernaut

    Plan #1 was also played, last song before encore. I had to leave then, though, but in that case I "only" missed The Tower.

    Impressions... Well the Lurker of course was proggy and wild as we know it, but then with Spin, Crucible and Lady May it went back and forth between sonic assaults (wonderful noise section in The Crucible) and lighter, somewhat "hippie" jams and flows. Like Chrome was big, this one really comes to life on stage. While Empire wouldn't be on my wishlist, it also was quite the treat. Another proof that the setlist on paper isn't that important. With MP, all the songs shine live. Personal highpoint was Starhammer, that middle jam impro section!? Ooof now that went somewhere else. It's always nice to hear rearranged older songs, contrary to "just playing the well known favourites" as with other bands. I've had no issue with the sound, really... Standing five meters from stage on Reine's side. Big, loud, warm. No need for earplugs protecting from spiky harshness. Oh and the singing was excellent, too.

    So fingers crossed for getting NOXed in Winterthur nest week.

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  3. pj

    As mentioned, Plan #1 was played, although not on the setlist, as the last song before the encore.
    Highlights for me were At Empire‘s end, Ptzar and Starhammer back to back, excellent jamming during those songs.
    Looking forward to W‘thur!!

    Posted 1 week ago #
  4. MakeLoud

    The sound quality was extremely bad at the beginning (first 3 songs, 1/2 hour)! Everything much too loud, the voices distorted, somewhere? The beloved dynamics of the past is missing. Too bad, I needed longer to go on the trip. At the end, the sound was transparent and the jams (many guitar solos) incredible and perfect... Make a little less loud, stop war!

    Posted 1 week ago #
  5. pfnuesel

    At Empire's End and Ptzar were magnificent!

    Sound quality was above average from where I was standing.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  6. WearingYrSmell89

    Edited track list (thanks), I was in front line so perhaps that was the problem with acoustic.
    But I am not so convinced because today in Nonantola it was much much better even in front line.

    Posted 1 week ago #

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