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  1. pj

    Hello all,
    I recorded the show in Fribourg on 11-May with a Zoom H4n Pro Device. Not having experience with this device, the mic levels were fix at 80 while recording resulting in massive distortion. Would anybody of you be interested in trying to fix this recording? In the present state I feel it's not worth sharing.
    If anybody owns a H4n Pro device, please advise how to get best results.
    Many thanks,

    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. Juergen

    Does the recorder has an automatic level function (= a limiter function)? I think many recorders have and with the internal microphones it should prevent distorted recordings.

    Or did you use an external microphone? Then check out the batteries and if the external microphone is meant for loud recordings. Some microphones like the OKM II classic or studio microphones were not built for rock concerts and produce distorted recordings of rock concerts only.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. pj

    Actually the Zoom H4n Pro device has an automatic level function which wasn't activated (aptly named Level Auto). I used the internal microphones. The manufacturer claims the device is suited for live concert recordings.

    I'm wondering if there is a music software out there which can help getting the max out of the recording? Does anybody have experience with such a program?

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. supernaut

    Hm I'd love to see that recording but fixing distortion once it's there? I would have said it's impossible but a quick search got me this:

    Ts... the possiblities nowadays. Special tools needed, though...

    Posted 1 month ago #
  5. Aki

    I tested the Audition one with another over-limited sound source, but I don't think it's a good fit for music. It most likely won't work well.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  6. Johnny_Heartfield

    I had similar experiences with earlier MP concert recordings. The problem is there can be various causes for distortion. One - and the most obvious - is exceeding the recording level limit (shown by display while recording or playing back). With digital recordings this usually generates so-called "clipping" effects, that might be eradicated with the help of an editing tool.

    The other cause for (this time serious) distortion is the sheer sound pressure at concerts (especially near Bent's bass amp) that can overstress the used (internal or external) microphones or the capacities of the recording facility. This will not necessarily lead to exceeding the displayed recording level, but will have severe sound consequences: awful distortion that you will NOT be able to remove with any tool I know. Being frustrated with several of my earlier MP gig recordings I know what I talk of...

    Nevertheless the Zoom H4n Pro device mentioned should be able to avoid this. It can be helpful to choose the highest possible bit rate (usually 24, sometimes even 32 bit). A higher bit rate enables the device to record exreme frequencies that might otherwise lead to distortion. It might as well be useful to use external microphones - but as far as I know the Zoom device shoud do. (Probably use automatic level function as well).

    In any case - if you are in doubt about the capacities of your recording device, choose a suitable place to record, not too close to the stage to avoid direct instrumental amp or monitor sound. Ideally you should position yourself or your microphones somewhere near (in front or behind) the mixing desk.
    (Says the recording "expert" who tried to smuggle a primitive walkman recorder into the Frankfurt Grateful Dead concert in 1990 - what a fool I was then ;-))

    Posted 1 month ago #
  7. pj

    Thanks for all the tips. I'll hope the results will be a lot better this Thursday in Winterthur

    Posted 1 month ago #

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