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2022-05-15 Trezzo sull'Adda, Live Club

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  1. Paolize


    Hell 1-3
    The Same Old Rock
    A Pacific Sonata
    The Magpie
    Kingdom Of Oblivion
    Hey, Jane
    No Evil
    Whole Lotta Diana
    The Wheel
    Fools Gold


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  2. Great to see "No Evil" was played

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  3. elNibi

    Given the fact that good old Marco BronYAur is really getting old and hasn't posted his review yet, I write a few lines too.

    Opening note:
    I hate to be argumentative after such a great concert but I find it a bit unfair that the band started playing at 20.30 when the ticket indicated 21.00 as starting. I don't know if the fault lies with the band or the organization but I've lost the first two songs

    It was a very heavy-rocking jamming mood concert, very compact and solid setlist.
    Some comments about each song I've seen

    LLM - very powerful and energetic but I always get the impression of confusion in this suite, even the sound was not yet at its best

    Cloudwalker - IMO on paper the weakest song, they improved it with a long jamming middle part

    A Pacific Sonata - Great second half, they started to kick in

    The Magpie - nice song! nice rendition live, maybe it would have been perfect later in the set in between the rocking part

    Kingdom Of Oblivion - what a STONE the live version of this track, very nicely fitting in the setlist of an heavy gig

    STG - maybe it has been the point when the magic started, the final rendition similar to the studio version was one of the highlight of the entire concert

    Hey, Jane - surprise n°1! nice even if in a sort of rehearsal fragile version. It's a very difficoult track for new drummers, I remember many errors back in 2006 in Milano on this track by Jacco. In particular Thomas played it resonably well but not in the best possible way

    No Evil - surprise n°2! another great great rocker, straight and heavy

    Whole Lotta Diana - Diana surprised me, incredible performance by Thomas with a long solo before the ending part. Long version with great fast jamming

    The Wheel - I was waiting for a compleate version of The Wheel since Milano Binariozero back in 2000, what a stone. I don't think it's physically possible to create a stronger and wall of sound with such an emotionally intense sonic punch. Maybe the Live Club with its powerfull sound system was the perfect place to perform this sonic assalt, maybe they gave 110% but it was one of the highest moment ever in more than 40-50(?) MP concerts I've attended. No way to play anything else after this, perfect main set ender.

    Fools Gold - After the wheel I was expecting an acoustic encore but they gave us another great ender from the 90's

    It was my first real concert in three years of covid-19 period and it's always great to see MP back on tour and in great mood-shape. They have played with a lot of energy in a very nice club with great sound and great audicence, although I must sadly point out that the audience was less numerous than usual yesterday at Live.

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  4. Punj Lizard

    For those on FB, here's a full-video of Hey Jane:

    Hey Jane at Trezzo sullAdda

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  5. supernaut


    LLM - I always get the impression of confusion in this suite,

    haha, isn't that its point, though...?

    Nice review, thanks. I don't think I ever got The Wheel in its entirety live. It's the song that got me hooked definitely back then.

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  6. elNibi

    LLM - I always get the impression of confusion in this suite,
    haha, isn't that its point, though...?"

    yes, of course I was even wearing the LLM t-shit with the "s" fallen down too

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