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  1. logladykate

    Actually in the last live I saw them (in Mezzago, TDDU tour) I heard a two sided band. In the first part I listened TDDU (and the monumental and space rock MP side), but in the second part of the gig I could appreciate the band of the 90's in a very very large and "old style"encore ...Lucky me, maybe!

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. jb1981

    Im so happy Snah did a new solo for Greener.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. GBD

    M;an, i can really understand why they wanted to remix and overdub the Pidah mix. It's so flat and somewhat uninspired compared to the Blissard we all know today..

    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. TAF

    "When the World Sleeps" is quite the revelation, in my opinion. It's interesting to see how the band were in a similarly slow and moody frame of mind as when they played the recent church gigs (also in a large, gloomy, echoey space).

    Posted 8 years ago #
  5. Krist Rampage

    So i finally got a chance to buy the box. And what a package it is! First of all: it looks beautiful. Second, lots and lots of interesting stuff. Especially disc 2 is amazing and a must-have.

    I haven't listened to the Pidah mixes enough to really point out what i think of that one. Off course i like it, since i love Blissard.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  6. supernaut

    I love Blissard 3!

    It does sound less poignant and reading the liner notes while listening to it does point out its shortcomings. Though I wonder what I'd have thought of it if without these provided insights. But i like the sound a lot! It's fatter, gnarlier, crunchier than the final one. Some songs like Sinful and Drug Thing are amazing here. Wild and loose and noisy. I immediately prefer these to the known ones. The Nerve Tattoo I find weaker here.
    Funny is: I've been reading Tommy's notes (liking the Cure comparisons, because I'd never thought of Blissard having anything in common with their Pornography album) about how the final and known album breaks and shifts half way through from a straightforward hard pop into a wtf album while listening to CD 3. So this one therefore feels even more broken to me now due to its not yet accustomed sequencing. It was a great first listening adventure and it pushes my feelings towards this record way back up (again). It's not been one of my faves until today because of this break in the middle and the last 2 songs. It always felt unfinished and rushed. But now I feel as if I only start to understand it.

    I'm glad though that they omitted The Matter With Her back then, it is the one solely weak song of the lot, apart from it's great ending and blending to s'Numbness. The latter is even more majestic here and some great underlying weird sounds (Helge?) that sadly have gone in the final mix.

    Like Always comes odd and sub par, too at first, knowing the 2 great songs that came out of it. But it surely is more than only presentable here in this form. Stalemate is hm... an attempt to be intense and epic, which worked better on other songs. I can understand their struggle with this one. The best version I find the live one from 2002.


    When The World Sleeps spinning now. Hm, not so overwhelming. Nice collection of gloomscapes but too introverted for me. Mad Sun is always a winner, though. Especially thanks to its roomy production.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  7. supernaut

    oh and nice addition of song playing credits and guitar tunings! And the light that's being shed on Morten's doings.

    for gear yadda yadda it would have been nice to know what guitars they used.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  8. supernaut

    safe to say we could look forward to hear Nerve Tattoo and STG again on the upcoming tours?

    Posted 8 years ago #
  9. supernaut

    i take back what i wrote about not being so keen on crummy basement rehearsal recordings! Baby Scooter!!! woah! more of this! what a mean riff, shame it never turned into a proper song.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  10. olepbr

    I have gathered most of the information found in the booklets on the box's release page on Discogs (excluding mics, compressors++ and the backstories).

    Posted 8 years ago #
  11. supernaut

    But there the soundsamples for CD 3 (pidah mixes) are the same ones as for CD 1...

    Posted 8 years ago #
  12. olepbr

    The sound samples are automatically generated by Discogs, so there's very little I can do with that, but then again the purpose of the site is to collect info about records, not play them...

    Posted 8 years ago #
  13. supernaut

    oh I didn't get that you put the infos there. I thought you meant you got them from there. sry my bad english.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  14. BronYAur

    When the Timothy's Monster Deluxe Edition came, I made up my 3LP (and not 2 and 1/2 LP!) version of the Monster. It included the 3 tracks scrapped from the "unreleased" first edition. It would have looked like this:

    Leave It Like That
    A Shrug & a Fistful
    Very 90's, Very Aware

    On the Toad Again
    Beautiful Sister
    Wearing yr Smell
    Now It's Time to skate

    On My Pillow
    Kill Some Day


    The Wheel

    Grindstone (Extended Version)
    The Golden Core

    I've tried something similar with the Blissard Deluxe: I hate the 2LP format for a 53 minutes album, I have longer albums in single LPs back from the 70s (i.e.: Atom Heart Mother, Selling England by the Pound etc.). So I'd try to make a proper double Blissard LP using some tracks from "When the World Sleeps". I skipped the tracks from "The Matter with Her" (The Matter with Her, Stalemate, Like Always) for various reasons, first of all, well, I DON'T like them! I also skipped the first Stalemate (lucky us, the best version is on AADAP), When the World Sleeps (a mix of In the Family and Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii, I preferred to keep the original Deathprod's track) and 7th Dream (too much acoustic stuff along with Fools Gold). I also used the Starmelt version of Flick of the Wrist, simply because it's waaay better than this one, but we gotta consider that those track are hardly mixed...
    So, that's what I came up with:

    Sinful, Wind-Borne
    Drug Thing
    's Numbness

    Flick of the Wrist (Starmelt version actually)
    Black W'abbit

    Mad Sun
    The Nerve Tattoo (Single edition without the stupid gong!)
    True Middle
    Sonic Teenage Guinevere

    The Ballad of Patrick and Putrick
    Fools Gold
    Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii

    Posted 8 years ago #
  15. BronYAur

    And now I'm looking forward to the "Angels and Daemons at Play" deluxe edition... What will be it like?
    I expect 2 CDs for the complete edition of the album (including Spacesuit, Back to Source and the non-hidden Ohm's Concerto). Then, Starmelt EP. Then, what? I dunno how much unreleased material is available from there, but if there isn't enough material, I wouldn't dislike some Roadwork V stuff from the nineties...

    Posted 8 years ago #
  16. alex

    So where did all these songs end up..??? there are heaps of parts and themes which found its true and released form in other songs..
    wanna make a list?

    Never Judge - is basically the backbone of WoTW/ You Lied, but it also contains at least a part of STG and also a part for a later live version of Manmower..
    Dave Gave Up - the intro and middle breakdowns are very True Middle'ish, and I'm quite sure that quite a few parts ended up in the Heartattack Mac/True Middle live renditions..
    In the Midst - that long jam/solo part towards the end sounds awfully familiar, but unfulfilled somewhat.. It's probably similar to a hundred parts they've jammed on during the yrs but maybe someone else recognizes it as something specific..

    And I'm also a 100% sure that I heard a part which later ended up as a Sanderfinger-tune in there somewhere... Just can't seem to find it again..

    What else is in here?


    Posted 8 years ago #
  17. TAF

    Well... to quote from the booklet...poster...thingy:

    Never Judge begat You Lied, Manmower and The Nerve Tattoo, Silver Tongue included bits that later ended up in both Stalemate and In the Family, Dave Gave Up sired The Nerve Tattoo and Baby Jesus, and That Dying Breed donated parts to "Drug Thing" and Stalemate as well.

    As for the Sanderfinger-song:

    (About "The Matter With Her")
    This song never fit on any of our albums, and was ultimately rearranged, given a Norwegian lyric ("Østers") and donated to Sanderfinger. It was recorded for their first, Bent-produced album, Camping [1999].

    Posted 8 years ago #
  18. alex

    Ah well, there you go.. haven't read the booklet yet as I'm stuck in a country where the thing is not for sale..


    Posted 8 years ago #

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