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On playing Gullible's Travails

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  • Started 9 years ago by TraktorBass
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  1. TraktorBass

    I'm trying to play this massively epic monster of a song on guitar, but being more of a bass player I'm having trouble. I've got the bass down pretty much, but the guitar is hard. The acoustics are just playing simple ~arpeggios more or less, and the lead is pretty spare as well.

    I've played around some, and I think the guitars are tuned to DADGAD? Possibly DADF#AD?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. crossskip


    I've been working on it as well the last couple of days. DADGAD seems to work pretty good, but it feels a bit off for some parts? Found some live-videos, but the recording with the best audio/visuals is played in E instead of D ofcourse. Maybe someone figured it out over the past 8 years, else there's hoping that an 2019 performance will be uploaded by Bernie the coming weeks!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  3. ffbernie

    dear are not up to date it seems

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  4. crossskip

    I'm blaiming the search engine for not finding it when I searched for 'Gullible's' =p But thanks anyway!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  5. Blashyrkh

    @crossskip, I also have a big part of this song. Maybe we can put our tabs together?

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  6. Ercarnar

    Hi, I tabbed most of it for bass, guitars, synth and more or less also drums, unfortunately the computer they're on is at my parent's home but I may find a way to send it to those who need it

    Posted 5 days ago #
  7. Tobo-Potato

    @Ercarnar I would like a copy of that, please!

    Posted 2 days ago #

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