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New sampler track -- Live @ Burg Herzberg?!

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  • Started 11 years ago by fillmore
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  1. fillmore

    Burg Herzberg Festival has issued a new sampler feat. a track by Motorpsycho called "Burghogs". Could that be an excerpt from the band's performance at the festival in 2008?

    Compare the festival website!


    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. fillmore

    Here is the link to the festival-run label. No further info available.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. otherdemon

    Possibly a live-version of Hogwash?

    This was the setlist:
    1. Year Zero >
    2. Glow >
    3. Hogwash (incl. Inside Looking Out*)
    4. Triggerman
    5. Little Lucid Spacemoments I (cut)
    6. Little Lucid Spacemoments II (cont.) >
    7. The Alchemist

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. Un.Chien.d.Espace

    yeah, the title suggests that...

    Posted 11 years ago #
  5. suntripper

    A tiny clip - really wish there were more of this!

    credit to satipics

    Posted 1 month ago #
  6. Johnny_Heartfield

    I somehow remember that Herzberg sampler - probably was on it with Freak City Band myself and therefore receiving a copy. Can't find it any more though - and I'm not sure which Hogwash version was on it. Probably the 2011 version which you can find in the first part of the Motorpsycho Herzberg Set from 2011 on motorpsychodelicclips.

    The 2008 gig was Motorpsycho's first at Herzberg. If I remember correctly they were on on Friday around 23.00 - 0.45, followed by Colour Haze who played until 2.30 in the morning.
    A rather badly lit affair, but well-attended. High-energy playing, Motorpsycho making quite a few new converts. Although Herzberg is usually quite well-documented sound- and videowise, I don't think there are any videos covering the whole gig. Only in 2010 the Hippies United collective started filming very few selected shows, among them the full 2011 Motorpsycho gig at Herzberg.

    - To close an old topic: Just found the CD on discogs:

    must have been the 2008 Hoghwash version then...

    Posted 1 month ago #
  7. the conscience

    I was at this festival and have that sampler. Burghogs is only a (long) part of a much longer live-version with a few cover-version-parts in it....

    look here:

    btw. The Burg Herzberg Festival 2008 is a not so small part of the Book Romaniac´s Monster B-Seite

    Posted 1 month ago #
  8. the conscience

    @ Johnny. Oh I´ve seen, you edited at the same time. forget my link

    Posted 1 month ago #

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