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Guitar tab for Mad Sun (live acoustic version from Haircuts)

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  • Started 7 years ago by karmadrome
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  1. karmadrome

    Since the tabs available are not accurate enough, here's the tab that hits the spot:


    Motorpsycho - Mad Sun (acoustic live version from Haircuts DVD)

    Tabbed by Bjoern Ahrens. Comments and/or suggestions welcome!

    Based on the acoustic version from the Haircuts DVD (also available on youtube).
    This version is slightly different from the one one the Nerve Tattoo EP.

    Standard Tuning. Capo on first fret.

    Chord list:
    Cmaj7: x35400
    A?: x05400
    Em7: 020030 (album version alternates with 020032)
    C?: x34200
    D?: x54030
    G: 320000
    Am7: x02010

    Riff1: Cmaj7, A?, Em7, Em7
    Riff2: Cmaj7, C?, D?, D?
    Riff3: Am7, D?, Em7, Em7
    Riff4: Am7, D?, Cmaj7, Cmaj7
    Chorus1: G, D?, Cmaj7, Cmaj7 (the D? is played very shortly before the Cmaj7, kind
    of a transition from the G to the Cmaj7)
    Chorus2: Am7, Am7, Cmaj7, D?


    Intro: Riff1 4x

    Verse 1: Riff1 2x
    Riff2 2x
    Riff1 1x
    Riff3 1x

    Fill: Riff1 4x

    Verse 2: Riff1 2x
    Riff2 2x
    Riff1 1x
    Riff4 1x

    Chorus: Chorus1 3x
    Chorus2 1x
    "Mad sun": Riff1 4x

    Chorus: Chorus1 3x
    Chorus2 1x
    "Mad sun": Riff1 4x

    End: Riff1 4x

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Blashyrkh

    Looks good, but isn't this almost the same as this tab?

    Is it maybe possible to tab Upstairs and Downstairs? They also play it acoustic on the haircuts DVD.

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. karmadrome

    The one you posted is close, but some chords are actually played differently (like the D for example). Also, the C-chord variation they play in the verse is missing (x034200).

    Posted 7 years ago #

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