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Only Snah is... a wizard?

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  • Started 6 years ago by kak


  1. kak

    The Wizard from Trondheim

    News article about Snah's involvement as musical composer on The Wizard of Oz performed at Hålogaland Teater. (In Norwegian)

    Some quick translations:

    "When The Wizard of Oz had it's press release in October, theater manager Nina Wester used the song "Bomb-Proof" by the tr√łnder-band Motorpsycho, as a fitting sound for the tornado taking Dorothy to Oz."

    "You can sit as parents with your eyes closed and recognize Motorpsycho-references. In all my projects I pick elements from everything, Snah says, who still tours and makes new records with Motorpsycho."

    "It's now 24 years since their first album came out, and these days the band are working on new releases of the old records with extra material."

    "It's a bit strange to release old and new stuff simultaneously, but at the same time we dig up stuff that was never released, which again gives inspiration to the new things we make, the composer says."

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