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Some reviews from Shindig & Uncut Spidergawd & Demon Box

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    And one from Mojo, written by Andrew Perry:

    Motorpsycho: Demon Box (4 stars out of 5)
    Deluxe version of the punk/prog/psych Norsemen's 1993 breakthrough album.

    How can these international bottom-feeders from Trondheim have had three unheard-of mid-'90s albums reissued lately, in a multi-disc splendour fit for rock giants? Answer: in Norway, and across Europe, this incredible trio full of exploratory spirit and with phenomenal chops, are rightly held in high esteem. Booklet essays explain how Demon Box was their last gasp on a domestic indie deal and they threw everything at it, recruiting insane techno fella Deathprod, and busting every frontier of their post-hardcore/grunge sound. Slayer and Napalm Death were clearly hot spins chez 'Psycho, and, boy, do they cook in that vein. Also revelatory: a primordial stab at Moondog', All Is Loneliness. The album is presented as a director's cut across two discs; two more collate contemporary EPs and outtakes (Groundhogs' Cherry Red!); on a DVD, a fearsome, virtually unlit set at Groningen's Vera Club. Months of succour here for any metal-leaning Anglo-American - if they only knew!

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