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Magnolia, Milano 9-5-2016

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  • Started 4 years ago by BronYAur
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  1. BronYAur

    Big Black Dog (19') --->
    Un Chien d'Espace (22')
    Sleepwalking / Lacuna Sunrise (12')
    12' of "The Rock Hits": Forget it / On the Plate / Vanishing Point (the only "light" part of the show)
    Feel (5')
    Blueberry Daydream (7') (Starts as 2 guitars, ends with drums)
    Running with Scissors --> I.M.S. --> Spin Spin Spin (25')
    Arne H. (18')
    WEARING YOUR SMELL (Bent on giutar, Snah on Key, no drums, some italian singalong)
    Junior -->
    Here Be Monsters (22')

    A blast. Absolutely top 3 among my 32 gigs in 18 years.

    Tomorrow for details. I'm sleepwalking.

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  2. elNibi

    Hi all, great night and a really top concert. Much better the PowerTrio compared with the line up of the last tours.
    Tiny location, very intimate and very good devoted crowd for one of the best MP experiences of the last 19 years.

    The beginning was absolutely mindblowing: BBD>Un Chien>LacunaSunrise > enough to come back home happy...for my taste the vey best possibile beginning of a MP concert. BBD and HBMII deserve a location in the MP "classic huge" songs.
    Less exiting parts: the rocking trio and a quite lame Running with Scissors while IMS and Spin Spin Spin were great, powerfull and inspired.
    Very nice arrangement of the oldies including a quite and sweet Wearing yr. smell with singalong.
    As always, nice to meet the italian psychonauts, among others: Marco (BronYaur) and Federica (babyscooter)

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  3. BronYAur

    I have wondered what exactly made yesterday concert so brilliant to be one of the two or three best I've seen.
    The setlist is amazing, but Milano is used to great setlists (see the entire Blissard as encore in 2013, or the 9 (nine!) encores at the Unicorn tour (including Taifun, The Wheel, Mountain....!).

    It's been a thick set, very doomish, psychedelic, with a great selection of oldies (the combo Junior-Feedtime KILLED ME and my throat!) and only a quarter hour dedicated to "easy" rnr (Forget It was quite a backstab after that hell of an intro). So, a less dispersive set than usual.

    The fact of playing as a trio is a reason: sorry for Stale or Reine, but after a night like this you realize that additional people don't add anything to the essence. The trio is more free and focused.

    But the most relevant change over the past tours is Kenneth's drumming: more dry, more focused, more heavy, less jazzy. He limited his often-confusing solipsistic technics showdown and really resulted the exact drummer MP needs. Listen to the Roadwork version of Kill Devil Hills to get what I mean: too many beats, too much flowering in a kind of music that should be as hard as possible. Apparently he made the grade (maybe helped by the Spidergawd experience), and this has represented the sixth star in the five-star level of the band! After all, when you destroy the world with your drumming speed-up on K9, what else do you have to demonstrate?

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  4. Motortom

    For my Side, it was that Drum, I was blown away from that Drumsound! Think never heared a Drum that Intensiv and LOUD. It was unbeliveble. UnChienD'incroyable!!! Thanks Italy, great Crowd and a nice Pizza as well

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  5. supernaut


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  6. Great King Rat

    I'm thrilled to learn they've played Wearing your smell! Didn't think I'll even get a chance to hear that one live, they haven't played it in ages, except for the TM gig a couple of years ago. And now it's back! And I'll be in Oldenburg, yes!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  7. supernaut

    speaking of un chien d'incroyable, found this very intense recording (though you all already did i guess):

    Posted 4 years ago #

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