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19.04.2012 Leipzig

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  1. fillmore

    Jam, Vanishing Point, Coalmine Pony, All Is Loneliness, Cornucopia > Go to California > Landslide, Hollow Lands

    All Is Loneliness ->
    Cornucopia ->
    Go To California ->
    Drums ->

    125 min

    Great show!

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. BronYAur

    Cornucopia twice???

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. fillmore

    I edited the post from a proper computer with a proper keyboad

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. BronYAur

    ...thus making my post meaningless

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. madsunship

    Wow, still no one write anything about last night show? Damn!

    It was really amazing one. Unicorn set seems growing, I think Ståle is perfect for MP, when I listening to the album for the first time I thought, wow, there's a keyboard player who totally fit to this unusual band, and now saw em play, I liked a lot. Many say that not into TDDU, I've heard a lot, even those people liked last night Unicorn part. Everyone want to say something against, but personally I really enjoy every moment.

    And second set was just blown everything away from my brain n mind! MP started to have different mix tunes things, yeah, they can, but it's so fun to listen to! Oh, it comes! Then that one??? But those melt into powerful buzz bass based jamming, really cool. Yes, really mind blowing!

    Cologne was good, Bremen, of course, but last night was unforgettable one to me. Audience was great, too! Real good venue and I say I was in front of the stage, middle, but sound was perfect! Thx Ken^^

    Oh, never forget about this one!
    Kenneth's drum solo was so cool, even Bent watching him play, opened his arms as laughing, very enjoyed it seemed^^

    Today, April 20th is our super monster drummer Kenneth Kapstad's birthday also!

    Happy birthday, Kenneth!

    Posted 9 years ago #
  6. That show was the absolute highlight. They even start to extend and change the connecting parts between the songs and sometimes the songs. They seem to always change the mood and the overall feeling of the songs. This time very doomy and very far out. There were parts where they sounded like (very early) Pink Floyd, Sunn O))), King Crimson, whatever. Simply Amazing.

    I must say that I can only recommend seeing the whole thing several times, every evening the Unicorn seemed different to me. It is amazing how good that album and its Live-Presentation is.

    The encores were just mindblowing. That was kind of Grateful Dead combined with Metal and complete free playing. The band and the audience were overenthusiastic. And Burn is the Burner!!

    The band seems to be free of any limitations, they can do what they want, and everything works. And the final statement from me:

    (now) THEY CAN SING!!!!

    Have a good time tonight everybody and see you the next tour.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  7. fillmore

    Conne Island is such a great and friendly place. Leipzig is a funky town and the people are nice. The room is cool, they serve cheap beer in 0.5l glass bottles and no-one minds if you light up some weed during the show The audience tonight is psyched; towards the end they scream, whistle and persistently demand Zugaben. The "Unicorn" is a lot rougher today than the previous night in Bremen. The encores were rehearsed in the soundcheck and turned out to be a total jam-fest. First we get 14 minutes of "All Is Loneliness". They give Ståle room for a lenghthy organ-solo and back him up with funky jamming. The coda of "All Is Loneliness" is very tender and peculiar, a bit different too. And then they perform a sweet segue into "Cornucopia" and the jamming continues. All of a sudden, right in the middle of the jam, they slip into "Go To California" which is sped up and adapted to the "Cornucopia"-groove. The whole song is played, without the long solo section though. After "Go To California" Kenneth leads the way into a drum solo, Snah smiles at his tricks. After the drum solo they return to "Cornucopia" in a huge way! The whole "Cornucopia" package lasted ca. 13 minutes. The evening is topped off by a perfect "Burn" leaving us awestruck by another geat show! Wow!

    Posted 9 years ago #
  8. Juergen

    A recording is on dime

    and will be uploaded on motortrades, too.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  9. stereosofa

    a review on

    Posted 9 years ago #
  10. stereosofa

    photostream on

    Posted 9 years ago #
  11. dongonz

    Yes yes yes... awesome show. It left my quite overwhelmed and I wasn't able to talk about this experience for several hours. i took me one night before i finally recognized that this concert maybe was one of the best i ever saw.
    Ahm... could anyone please tell me how to sign up on motortrades or send me an invite?
    I would love to have the record of the show.

    Thanx a lot!

    Posted 9 years ago #

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