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Here's the general information for the list, in case you don't already have it: [Last updated on: Thu May 15 1997]

To **POST** send email to g35@totem.fix.no. You will need to be a member of the list to post.

This list is for the discussion of the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. Please feel free to add your opinon on anything having to do with the band. Please try and keep any non-Motorpsycho related posts to a minimum. It is suggested that you sit back and watch for a few posts so you don't wind up asking a question that has just been asked.

This list is intended to be a flame-free environment, so please refrain from slamming your fellow Psychos. Keep in mind we're all here for the same reason....we dig Motorpsycho. The list will not put up with imature name calling and postal flaming. Flaming will result in a three-month probation. If you flame again during that period or flame repeatedly, you will be expelled from the list. We're confident that you'll like the list enough to never feel the need to vent spleen at your fellow Psychos.

G-35 Guidelines

Please try to observe these as much as humanly possible. All of us will appreciate it, and it will help keep the list the best around.

1. Keep non-Motorpsycho-related content to a minimum. Spamming will not be tolerated.

2. Keep your substantiated-argument-to-opinion ratio as high as possible.

3. Be polite and refrain from racial, sexual, and other insults and slurs.

4. Minimize the amount of quoted material. Don't resend an entire post when quoting a sentence will do.

5. Try to get permission from the publisher or author before posting copyrighted material. You are responsible for anything you post.

6. Private communications should remain private unless and until all parties to such communications (sender and all receivers) agree to make them public.

7.Do _not_ post in HTML!

Violations of these guidelines (especially nos. 1, 3, 4, and 6) will result in a warning; continued violation will cause the termination of your subscription. Such decisions will be made jointly by the editorial board of Vegard B. Havdal (vegardh@clustra.com) and Lon (owner-g35@totem.fix.no).

If you have problems contact Lon at owner-g35@totem.fix.no

G-35 Archive

Updated archive of G-35 can be found here.

1998-2000 G-35 archive can be found here. (It is compiled by Lon, and is based on his personal mailbox, so don't expect it to be 100% complete.)

To get username and password for these archives join the G-35 maillist. ;-)


G-35 is for Motorpsychotalk only. If you want to discuss other bands or blather about all and nothing with fellow Motorpsychofans you should also subscribe to the Timothy list. This is the place for the diehards. This list is a lot warmer, informal and friendly than G35.

To subscribe go to to http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/timothysmonster

To post to the list: timothysmonster@onelist.com

The owner of this list is Paul Caspers (NL).