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OT: Music Gear Trade/Selling spot

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OT: Music Gear Trade/Selling spot
January 07, 2008 11:06PM
Ok as requested, i've now opened a thread for trades/sales of music related gear (Guitars/effects/amps/whatever). Thought i'd compile things offered as we go along. These are the items "in stock" up to date ---->

The Golden Blissard Demon;

Behringer Ultra Chorus
Behringer Digital Delay
Behringer Ultra Tremolo
Behringer Distortion
Behringer V-Amp x (Floor model with exp. pedal)
Zoom GFX 707 Guitar effects processor



Boss MT-2 Metal Zone (Guitar effect box)



68 fender or Sound City 4x12 Speaker Cabs (NOTE; Considering sales/trades)
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