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Trade anyone?

Posted by Andreas the Totenoid 
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Andreas the Totenoid
Trade anyone?
January 11, 2008 01:22AM
I've got some stuff up for trade:

- Sinful, Wind-borne 7"
- Motor Home 7"

I'm looking for:

- Lobotomizer LP
- Maiden Voyage MC
- Steelcovered Soothe
- Into the Sun CDs
- Mad Sun 7" Blue/Red
- Promotor 2
- Other promos
- Other rarities

I would also be interested in buying these items smiling smiley

postmaster (a) stjernvang (.) com
Re: Trade anyone?
January 11, 2008 11:45AM
i would like to buy the sinful 7, is that possible?
Andreas the Totenoid
Re: Trade anyone?
January 12, 2008 02:14AM
I'll have to think about it, my hope is that someone wants to trade with me smiling smiley
Re: Trade anyone?
January 13, 2008 11:49AM
ok, take you time and think about it.
Re: Trade anyone?
February 02, 2008 04:00PM
i can trade into the sun cd (signed by gebhardt) for the sinful wind-borne vinyl!
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