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Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show

Posted by Rolf 
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Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 20, 2008 02:25AM
fresh from the horse's mouth, or somewhere
thereabout, here's what they played at the late show:

year zero
little lucid moments
now it's time to skate
go to california
the other fool ->
flick of the wrist
heartattack mac
inside looking out ->
the alchemyst
all is loneliness
plan #1
the nerve tattoo ->

fantastic gig, which took at least 2,5 hours.
it was great, apart from the - in my personal opinion - hugely disapointing
ending - come on! you just can't end a great show
with the crappiest song you've ever written!!!!!!!!!!! sad smiley sad smiley angry smiley angry smiley angry smiley
sorry if anyone's offended, but that's my personal opinion.

apart from that, the gig was FANTASTIC!!
loneliness & plan #1 (especially the latter) were
beautiful, as was most of the gig.
no huge surprises, but some fun stuff - skate, california, tof, tnt...

also, imho, the sound could've been better, but it wasn't bad either.

overall: fantastic gig, with sad ending. and i have to sleep now. smiling smiley
December 20, 2008 04:26AM
Awesome show! My heart shivered when they played Plan #1, definately the highlight of the concert. Aside from that it was awesome hearing California and Landslide, although i'm not sure they will stand among their most outstanding revivals. The Nerve Tattoo was simply amazing, I just told my friend before the concert (who is somewhat new to MP, but loves Nerve "No, they will definitely NOT play that song".... both me and him erupted!
Skate was really sweet. Kinda weird not hearing STG or Vortex, but I guess i can't complain. Strange, at the Roskilde gig I really didn't need that end with Vortex, but today I kinda missed it.
BTW, serpentine was awesome today!! More the old version, not the new dark one.

Anyways. Awesome show, I hope they get some kind of live material out of it!
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 20, 2008 09:16AM
sounds great! thanks for the infos!
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 20, 2008 06:59PM
Shit, that sounds completely amazing, both the Rosendal gigs do. Wow.
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 21, 2008 12:23PM
wow. sounds really good. btw. i really like neverland grinning smiley
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 22, 2008 01:55PM
Very good show! Of the old stuff i missed, vortex, radiance f, STG, golden core, watersound, kill some day and many more...Agree with Rolf, Neverland should have been skipped... I've been to mine share of MP gigs since 94', I noticed that Bent and Snah had switched position on stage on Friday. I seem to remember that the always play from the different positions?
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
December 22, 2008 04:10PM
I think it's quite a while since they swapped. At least a year.
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
January 07, 2009 11:16PM
I think it's a trio format thing. In all the video I remember Bent is on the Left side (from viewer facing the stage) with Bard or Jaga or others and on the right when it's just the three.
The Grateful Dead did that. Phil played on the Left side with Jerry on the right after the "retirement" in '76 but before that they were the opposite. As a musician (Bassist) I like the right side (stage left) so I can see the rest of the band without swinging the Bass neck into a cabinet.
Anyway, I do wonder what prompts those changes.

Seattle Psychonaut
Re: Rosendal 2008-12-19 Late show
February 14, 2009 12:59AM
how's the recording coming along, rolf??

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