Comments on Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2002-11-23

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For sure a great night.I was a bit dissapointed after Tilburg, way too loud STG made me deaf for the rest of the show then.But this made it all right again!! First time I’ve heard For free and Starmelt live. Great! The bad thing yesterday was of corpse this stupid giraffe of a camera-guy who had to stand in my way for the first half of the show.....I hope he will burn in heaven.....I think it´s very rude to arrive in the first row only 2 mintues before the show starts and "push away" some people who have waited in that spot for about 1 hour.....and then blocking the sight with himself and his ugly camera during the show is really unpolite......well, I survived, but a good show could have been better without this...... I think he was asked by the band to do it, in cooperation with the other three. He’s a very friendly guy and all he did was to stand in the same spot for the whole goddamn gig (which was fucking brilliant imo). From the first tones, till the thrilling end...(almost) PERFECT.. hmm, everybody seems to be so excited with the Paradiso gig.well, this was my 4the MP gig this year (Pukkelpop, 013, MOD) and in my opinion it was the least of all. Not that it was that bad, they ALWAYS have highlights in their show. But this one... first the sound in Paradiso is really strange, Snah’s guitar drowned a little bit in this former church that Paradiso is. And the blast parts (STG, Vortex, Hogwash...) weren’t that overwhelming compared to 013 (that was a killer !). And it seemed they were tired (understandable after 7 shows in a row), and that explains the high number of slow songs, i think.