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Motorpsycho gigs & setlists

These are the known setlists and gigs played by Motorpsycho from 1990 through 1999. All lists are the original lists (exceptions as noted) kept by Bent and Morten through the years, and are - as far as we know - correct. Entries prefaced by a [ probably: ] are taken from uncertain sources, such as TONO forms filled in sometimes months after the fact, and are more often than not incorrect. Other missing setlist entries are selfexplanatory. For some of the missing '94 entries, reference DATs are in existence but unfortunately not available at time of writing. These entries will be verified when possible. These lists should be quite easy to understand, the only thing I'd care to mention is that a double slash [ // ] indicates a break in the show, usually between the set proper and the encores. Please feel free to comment or review or veryfy or whatever. Have fun!

Bob LeBad - warden of the vault
Trondheim, 07.07. - 04.11.2000

editorial notes:

These html files are only a temporary solution until a discussion forum can be set up. Since the programming of it means a lot of work it may take quite a while. In the meantime you can watch the standard html files linked in here or you can download all the setlists as a zip file here.
You can already look up all the faults, write your reviews or whatever. But please don't send them to us until we're finished with the forum and ask you to do so to avoid unnecessary chaos.

Have fun!

Vegard, Kalle, Lon and Torsten
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