2000-04-01 Hamburg, Markthalle G

-motorpsycho, april 1, 2000, hamburg, germany, markthalle, attendance: 
estimated 1200
1 the other fool
2 never let you out
3 whip that ghost (12min)
4 kill some day
5 like always
6 sideway spiral III (10min)
7 upstairs/downstairs
8 wishing well
9 stg
10 hey jane
11 the nerve tattoo
12 wwj (12min)
13 you lied
14 black to comm/tv eye (13min)
15 my best friend (10min)
16 the wheel (12min)
17 plan #1
18 pppp
time: 2h20min

notes: first of all: this one of the best mp concerts i have ever seen. it 
was awesome and overwhelming.
we arrived in hamburg from berlin at 4pm. checked out "scratch records" had a 
couple beers and something to eat and headed to the venue.
the markthalle happened to be a very nice venue. rather cosy. actually there 
isn't a bad place in this venue since the hall rises from the stage in steps.
mp enter the stage at 9.30pm with bent apologizing for TSOOL not being there 
and saying "we'll make it up". they launch into "tof" and the audience is 
very on from the first moment on. the sound is very loud with the bass a 
little bit in the foreground but overall it is very good.
they make their way through a very inspired set letting much room for baard 
to improvise. sometimes he has all the solos.
the first real crowd pleaser is "stg" which is received with huge applause 
and screams. from now on the show continues without letting the energy 
down..."wwj" is intoduced as being a folk song. "tv eye" is tagged once again 
during "btc".
before the encore bent says that it'll take like 45 min and they launch into 
a 30 min treat of "my best.../the wheel/plan #1". i was fucking awestruck. so 
many hits and songs i always wanted to hear live.
after "pppp" the light goes on music comes out of the pa and the amps are 
switched off. but instead of leaving the audience keeps on screaming, yelling 
and cheering for damn 12 min! no-one wanted to leave. really amazing. such a 
cool show! my favourites: "sws III" and "the wheel"!

buw, i recorded the show onto MD. the quality is very good/good [can't quite 
decide, only listened to it once so far] with a little too much bass due to 
the sound. 15 sec of the beginning of "wwj" are missing as well as bent's 
"folk song" comment. i'll burn it onto CD-R tonight. if anyone is interested 
in trading or wants me to b&p it do not hesitate to contact me at 

hu, i'll get some sleep now because we had no hotelroom in hamburg...:(

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