1999-07-01 Zollhaus, Leer G

Hi Everyone!

as I saw today noone sent a report about this gig, so I thought maybe I
just do it.
First of all I have the complete setlist because I grabbed the one
Gebhardt threw into the audience.

1. song for brother
2. hogwash
3. hi-time
4. starmelt/lovelight
5. s.t.g.
6. psychonaut 2
7. all is e. (no idea what that was...)
8. super stooge
9. wheel
10. un chien d'espace
11. hey jane
12. the one
13. you lied
14. black
15. vortex surfer

and somewhere in between "young man blues"

it was one of the best concerts I've seen so far even if the sound was
really bad. But you could see that they had fun playin' and were really
rocking. They played the first three songs without a break - no chance
for applause. And they communicated with the audience - never seen that
before (they even made jokes).
I wonder why they still put Snah's moog on stage, haven't seen them
played it when it broke done in Braunschweig....
It was a cool crowd, sometimes too loud during the lower parts but who
Don't wanna miss any concert again...




 tho the gig doesn't rank among my favourites of the year, it was 
pretty cool... and JUZ leer is a ~really~ cool venue in a pretty cool 
town!! the place was packed («i see we have a full house in leer» in 
bents words)- LOTS of pretty girls too... the one problem was that it 
was excruciatingly hot in there and that there was no airco. bent 
reportedly said he almost passed out on stage from the heat :-)
 songs (i can't remember the order of the songs now so it's probably 
wrong and one or 2 might be missing) :

 -yo bro
	(very cool instrumental tune!)
	 (sounded kinda like the old-fashioned way, really cool)
	 (pretty bad actually, i think it was played in a lower key)
 -hi time
	(i don't like this tune)
 -all is loneliness 
	(bent: «someone outside asked us to play old songs so here's one, 
it's actually from '52 or something, i hope you recognize it»)
 -young man ("klźne mennekūs bloes" from pidah's list ;-))
 -K9 (yet another version, no keys (tho the roland was there) i 
didn't like it much and bents vocals were out of key)
 -hey, jane
 -the one... (pretty cool!)
 -you lied
 -black to comm

 all in all an ok set. bent thanked the crowd heartily a lot of time. 
he also has a new bass guitar! i don't know what brand it is but i'll 
figure it out soon.
 and now for the interesting part: i overheard a conversation with 
the geb, he said he was going to sing on the new record?!! and that 
for rehearsing for the gigs they just played starmelt and like always 
twice and went on the road again. also that the band needed time off 
(so no new album in september) or else they'd kill eachother or 
themselves. he also mentioned something about a new EP featuring 
outtakes from the recordings (26 songs) that won't be on the album...

 later when i asked him (he thought i was swedish for fuck's 
sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) he said "fade to grey" wasn't going to be on 
the album cause they already had too many long-improv-guitar-songs 
like "flick of the wrist". or something... «major bummer» i thought, 
be he said it might appear on the (or an) EP. geb's one cool guy. he 
talked to fans before and after the gig a lot. [...]

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