2000-04-02 Bielefeld, Forum G

hi there,
was at bielefeld yesterday. enourmous set, there weren't anymore tickets
available when i arrived at 8.30h, i could have sold the one more ticket
i had (because a friend got ill) surely for much money...
i can't remember well the setlist, especially after the first 5 songs.

01 go to california
02 the other fool
03 never let you out
04 like always
05 manmower
?? walking with j.
?? upstairs / downstairs
?? flick of the wrist
?? s.t.g.
?? heartbreaker
?? now it's time to skate
?? big surprise
?? never let you out
?? hightime
96 my best friend
97 hogwash
98 black to comm
99 vortex surfer

all together they played from 21.25 to 00.05h!!! a huge and massive
concert, especially the last 2 hours when the audience was getting more
and more excited, s.t.g. and black to comm were climaxes.
for 4 or 5 times, the shorter songs (e.g. my best friend or [ehmm...did
i say shorter?] hogwash) were breaked after 2 stanzas into improvisation
or other songs.

well down, those singers from trondheim as they introduced themselves in
german to the audience.
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