Dresden Starclub 02.05.99

Just returned from the Dresden-Gig- Forget about all the discussions about 
Motorpsycho being too predictable. The setlist included some real surprises - 
here goes:

K i l l   s o m e   d a y
High Time
Step inside
Hey Jane
Psychonaut (one of Bent's strings broke)
Wishing well (another of Bent's strings broke. Says Bent "This is the big 
string-breaking day")
All is loneliness (!!!)
Superstooge (without "The wheel" but something else I couldn't identify)
Hogwash (interpolating "Highway star" from Deep Purple)
Black to comm (interpolating "Not fade away"; one of Snah's strings broke)

AK 9 - Suite (different beginning than on Roadworks with Snah on the Rhodes, 
very good and lasted all in all 35 mins!!!)
Vortex surfer

The gig lasted from 22:15 to 0:30. The main set lasted for approx. 100 
minutes. Snah's original song-list will be posted to you by wockethunter in a 
couple of days (the guy who detected the "Mystery XXX-Song" :o) - it has to be 
scanned first but furthermore he's going to see the Münster-gig on tuesday). 

Some trivia:
Bent and Snah wore the same shoes. Bent did not wear his skeleton-T-shirt. :o)

For all the tapers out there: if anyone taped the gig - it's definitely worth 
That's all for now. I have to go to bed, because I have to work tomorrow.
Cheers, Oliver
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