1999-05-04 Sputnikhalle, Münster D

This is a short summary of the concert I visisted yesterday.

The concert took place at the Sputnikhalle/Münster (Germany). The place
was absolutely crowded (sold out) and extremely hot. I don't like people who
start smoking cigarettes (or dope for worse) during every slow song to make
the air even worse. BTW who needs drugs at a MP gig, only morons!!!

I think there were quite a lot of people at this show who haven't seen
them before, because the applause came at all the wrong places (like about five
times during "A K9 suite"), but there were also a lot of connaisseurs
screaming as each new song started.

They started with The Other Fool. Similar to the Roadworx version. Very
long jamming sessions during a lot of the songs the whole evening. From the
very first minute on one could see that this gig would become a hardt one. The
next songs were Heartbreaker, Hi-Time, *** and All is Lonliness. I must
admit that I think I heard the first three for the first time (It was my 6th MP
gig since 1993) and I didn't enjoy them that much although all of them were
very rocky. There was a lot of applause and the mood seemed to be very good
on either side (MP and crowd. Bent laughed when he missed parts of his
lyrics and so on. I have even seen Snah smiling for the first time). After the
3rd song or so Bent said:  "It seems to be their first hard rock show" and

Bent introduced Feel with the words "I think everybody can sing along to
this one". From this point one the gig turned into a monster becoming better
and better.

Next was A K9 Suite, very different from the Roadworx version (no
Keyboards by Snah during the quite part some disturbence from assholes in the crowd,
shouting for beer) and extremely loud and noisy in the middle (there should
be doping tests on Gebhardt after the show. I can't believe the energy this
man puts into drumming). After the song Bent said "So everyone is asleep
now?" and they started Hey Jane and everyone started dancing and most people
continued to dance until the end of the concert.

STG after that. Good as always. It is a rocker.

I don't like Psychonaut to much, but it fitted into the whole spirit of
the concert although Young Man Blues might have also been appropiate.

After that they left the stage and everybody screamed their heads off.
When they came back (after about 30 seconds) you could see that they really
appreciated the reactions (bowing etc Bent saying "Thank you VERY VERY much"
and so on). Bent was smoking so I knew it was time for SuperStooge. I think
Snah is getting better on vocals (the sound was OK, too). Unfortunately no
Wheel, but fantastic anyway.

Then Hogwash this was a highlight. It rocked and rocked and rocked.
Inbetween Bent turned into Ozzy Osburne and Snah looke like Tommi Iommi when they
played Paranoid. If anybody has ever seen the original video of this song
and then heard MP's version knows that Black Sabbath are nothing, but lame old

Black to Comm -> Fade to Grey -> Black to comm. We "clapped our hands" and
so on.

They left the stage again and I prepared to be taken away by the surfer.
They returned Bent introduced the song as "A quite one now". And off we went.

After they left there were about 15 minutes of shouting and screaming and
I somehow hoped they might return, but they didn't.

VERY, VERY good gig (No. 1 or 2 on my personal list).

I will see them again at Hurricane festival, without expecting too much at
a big festival playing in the afternoon, but it will be good to see them.

B. Wachtveitl 


Hi Psychofellows!

Espen wrote:
> What about a translation from one of our german guys? 

ok Espen I *tried* to translate the Münster-live-review from
Carsten Sandkämper who is btw promoting MP (and other beloved bands like 
Notwist, Deus, Mogwai) in the INTRO for many years now.....
I hope I'll be able to translate it in an understandable way (-;
here we go........

INTRO - June 1999
04.05.99 - Münster, Sputnikhalle

The halls become bigger. There is still 
the same unsatisfiable stream of fans 
of the Norwegians, who played without 
any support bands on the whole tour for
the first time - it has anyway been a 
problem up to date to place all friendly
Germans bands in the support programm
in a fair way; as a consequence: putting
an end to it; it becomes crowded anyway,
no rebuilding of the stage, no soundcheck 
problems, therefore: only advantages.
There are anyway only MP-fans coming to
the gigs, fans who meanwhile are singing
along on songs like 'Feel' or 'Vortex Surfer'
as with one voice. On this evening it was 
rumoured nearly 400 people had to leave 
again without being able to get into the 
dusky factory hall at the Haverkamp.
For the next tour this means: bigger halls,
less atmosphere, more rock-stardom. This 
would be a big pity, should not happen...
but the three gentlemen and their German 
label partners of 'Stickman' are aware of
this point on their own. Today it was 
packed, hot, sweaty and really loud.
Business as usual.

Trapped in bluesrock Bent, Gebhardt and 
Snah at first trashed five new songs to 
make their current point clear, five new 
songs which enforced my fears that I -- 
me, the blues-hater -- might not like 
the next record. I hope these stompers 
were not completely finished so far.
The cleverly chosen warm-up-playing 
didn't demand too much from us; a positive
focussing on two hours of prog-rock 
worked out easily with 'Feel' and some pop
songs of 'Trust us'. In the middle of 
the set they went into 'About a french dog',
the originally 12-minute-lasting 'Un chien
d'espace' from 'AADAP'. This epos had 
already been lengthened through radical
improvisations in course of the last live 
tours. Today the 800 people were confronted 
with a 30 minutes-lasting psychedelic rock 
opera -- as a reaction: open mouths and in 
the end completely spoiled ears. Tumbling 
in loudness MP went back into pure rock, in
'Hey Jane' and 'Psychonaut' going as far as
including -- often feared by me -- soli of 
lengthy kind. This brought the assembled 
crowd to the melting point, especially
when 'Superstooge' suddenly went into 
Sabbath' 'Paranoid' in the center of the 
encore section. When they reached this 
retro-climax I was near to despair.
Fortunately I suddenly understood what 
was going on: this was pure fun on citing,
this was rock-music as it can't happen more
uninfluenced. Ah, got it. To say it with the 
words of the present Mister Glietsch: 'They 
could even come up with the joke using a Jack 
Daniels-bottle as a bottleneck and I would
like it.'

Finally 'Vortex Surfer' -- at the moment
their most intensive live song (like before 
'The Golden Core' and before that: 
'Demon Box') -- put my enthusiasm near 
absolute. After the last cord amazement 
flashed over Mr. Saether's face. Nice to 
see that the own music is still able to

Carsten Sandkämper  INTRO #65 - June 1999
Phew this was a hard job........I'm sorry but I guess I was not able
to translate every shade of Carsten's review and I'm also not sure if I used 
the correct English sayings and translations in some cases
my English's too bad for it....

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