05.05.99 Tivoli Utrecht, NL

- Fade to grey

Never heard this one before, but I liked it from the start. Started as a jam
for 5 minutes, very groovy, very relaxed. Nice happy tune I would say.
Audience and band were both in good mood.

- Kill someday

Absolutely fantastic. I was hoping they'd play this one, but with MP you'll
never know. Beautiful.

- Hi time

Didn't know this one either. It did sound nice, and it was powerful.

- *** (new song, apparently no definite title yet )

The chorus said Star,star,star, so I think it is the definite title.
Definitely a ROCK song, and altough I didn't hear it before I sure liked it
a lot. Very much energy, good drumming by Geb.
The first 4 songs were played with great enthousiasm, they played hard and
they played loud, real hardtrock ;-)


What can I say? Everybody loved it, audience, band, the whole crowd went
bananas. Fantastic outtro, at least 5,6 minutes. Beautiful.

- Hey Jane

Not their best popsong, but still very nice.

- Feel

First song where Bent played guitar. This one's always beautiful.

- All iz loneliness

Love this song! Very good singing from both Bent and Snah.

- Superstooge

This one Rocked also ;-). Sadly no Wheel afterwards, but this version lasted
at least 10 minutes. Great jamming, and a very nice guitar-bass battle
between Bent and Snah.

- Hogwash

Rock!!! Again very loud, very powerful, and the you could see the band loved
to play those rocksongs.

-Black to comm

Rock!!!!! Very long, very powerful, very good! Again played with all those
different verses inside the song, and everybody enjoyed it very much. And of
course, we all clapped our hands ;-)
Less fun were the idiots that started to mosh, I hate it when they do that.
Oh well, some people didn't like my elbow either.

First encore:
- K9

Looongg, beautiful version. At least 35 minutes, and not a second boring
imo. Spacerock from start to end. Personally I like this very much. Much
different version then the Roadworkversion, with a beautiful intro.

Second encore:
- Vortex surfer
No need for words.

Fantastic concert, great vibe. Bent (and the other 2 also) was very tired
after the last song, they bowed to the audience. The concert lasted at least
2,5 hours (21.15 - 23.45). I know it sounds cheesy, but the whole show

Rocked! They'll have to make great efforts to top this concert Tommorow at
The Effenaar.

Bas, seeing Mogwai tonight.
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