06.05.1999 Vera Groningen

The Vera gig was amazing. Un Chien took an incredible 45 
(!) minutes, and they played some oldies but goodies. 
Yesterday's setlist:

The Witch
Kill Some Day
Un Chien 
Big Surprize
Wishing Well 
All is loneliness
Ya Lied
Black To Komm

The Witch went into Kill Some Day, Superstooge into The Wheel. Black 
to comm turned into this Buddy Holly medley thing. 

Some crowd horror stories will follow soon...

Jeroen (who had "did you see the witch by my side the witch by my 
side the witch by my side?" rolling through his head all night long)


In 2 words : Great Gig! 
I think the rest of the audience felt
so as well, they even went on cheering
after the Surfer. 

Some comments :

So they started off with the only "new"
song they played last night. I liked it.
It went straight into "Kill some day"
which was okay, nothing special.
Same goes for "Hey Jane".
Then Guinevere, the first highlight of
the evening as far as I'm concerned.
Really good version and it sort of went
into P.naut which was also better than
I've heard it before.
Then Chien.
Now I can understand why some people say
that if they play this they can not play
a lot of other songs.
It's sort of true, but if it's played in
such a great way as yesterday, who cares?
And it's really 5 different songs anyway!
I very much liked the long new intro and
personally I think that the drum / bass
part where they keep accelarating is so
fucking brilliant that I would never want
to miss it on any gig.
I've got no idea how long the whole thing
took, but it seemed to go on forever and
still be finished too soon.....
I needed some recuperation after this, so I
sort of missed the song before "Loneliness".        
Then came "Superwheel", yet another high-
light of the evening. The way Bent screamed
into the microphone towards the end of this
made me wonder how he could still sing any
more song(s) after that.

Then the 1st encore with the inevitable
"Walking on the water". Don't like this song.
Never have, never will. But most other people
seem to like it, so you can't have it all.
Straight into "Black" which I did enjoy very
much as always.

A great finale with V.S. and that was it.
Two and a halve hours had flown by and as I
said above the crowd would have liked it go
on even longer.
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