07.05.1999 Effenaar, Eindhoven

I've never seen the band having such a good time before. Bent came up
with a glass of red wine, raised it to the audience, said "Cheers" and
off they went. Big fun, fantastic sound and a very good, relaxed

Here's the set-list:

Other other fool
Step inside
STG Psychonaut
Wishing well
Big surprize
Hey Jane
Young Man Blues
All is loneliness
you lied
Black to comm
Vortex surfer

Geb's set-list, which also states Kill someday and hogwash, but these
were not played, can be found at http://www.isi.uu.nl/~bram/mp

"Hey, we know this show tonight was billed as a sort of "Best of
Motorpsycho". But I hope that you find, with us, that the best is yet
to come. So we'll play a new song."

Bent during the Effenaar gig, before they played Big Surprise.

Groeten van Bram


Edwin wrote:
>i don't have words to describe the effenaar gig.

I do. It was a bit dissapointing.

Then Bram wrote:
>I've never seen the band having such a good time before. Bent >came up
>with a glass of red wine, raised it to the audience, said "Cheers" >and
>off they went. Big fun, fantastic sound and a very good, relaxed

Yes, all this was true. Very good atmosphere, and Snah smiled even several
times, what about that ;-)

>Other other fool
Didn't do it for me this time. Quite boring if you ask me.

I like this one a lot. It's just seventies bluesrock, but played with such
enthousiasm everyone has to dance and swing or whatever you wana call it.

Nice little tune, not their best new track.

>Step inside
One of the highlights. Recognised the bassline immediately. Hope it gets on
the new record.

Nice tune, but this version didn't came near the Utrecht version. This
hadn't the new outtro. Utrecht version was incredible, this one was ok.

Not my favourite, but this has not to be a problem with liveshows. But this
time it was, and I was glad when it was finished.

Beautiful song, beautifully played. Very welcome after P-naut.

>Wishing well
Second highlight. The Snah plays some good keys nowadays. Very intense

>Big surprize
After the quote of the gig (see msg Bram) they played this one. Hadn't heard
it yet, but I liked it from the start. Very poppy, very melodic, beautifully

>Hey Jane
The only song that was played better this time than it was in Utrecht.

>Young Man Blues
Also great. Very funny, Snah almost fell of the stage when tried to touch
some of his pedals, and Bent and Geb laughed very hard.

>All is loneliness
Utrecht version was much better. Don't ask me why, but this version didn't
do it for me.

Indeed almost 50 minutes. But it was the worst version I ever heard of this
song. The building up to the climax went not at all smooth, there were 2
unintentional short pauses in the song, and there was hardly any subtility
in de midpart of the song. Maybe my expectations after the Utrecht gig were
too high, but the version there was just so much better.

Superstooge wasn't nearly as good as in Utrecht, but the good part was they
played the entire Wheel (with Snah the whole song on keys). Brilliant.

>you lied
Very much energy, very powerful. Really great, and the laughing face of Bent
said it all.

>Black to comm
Almost as good as Utrecht, very enjoyable.

>Vortex surfer
Shivers down my spine, and I bet on many other spines.

All in all a bit dissapointing. They sure had  alot of fun at the stage, but
I can't help but feel they could be much better. The Utrecht gig proved that
big time. Again, maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn't go home
satisfied, although they played for over 3 hours.
But it was nice to see some fellow g35 such as Jeroen, Bram, Paul and
Torsten (where were you after the gig anyway?). And maybe it was just me,
cause Bram said to me he enjoyed this show better than Utrecht. Oh well, the
merchandise was cool, and I had to buy some new clothes anyway ;-)

btw: crowdhorror: during K9 there was an even shorter guy than I standing
next to me, and he was shouting and screaming very loud in the loud part of
the midsection, with his hands up in the air. Then he started to jump up and
down also, and his screams were even louder than the music, can you imagine

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