08.05.1999 Botanique, Brussels

Best concert of this year up until now is definitely Motorpsycho at the
Botanique (for me that is). I'm not going to claim that they didn't have
their lesser moments: sometimes when they were improvising they didn't
know where they were heading. But God all Mighty (sorry that I have to
drag God in) their highs were as high as the Empire state building. There
were moments when they totally and utterly blew me away. They take a song
of 8 minutes and turn it into a song of 16 minutes and that in a  way that
the crowd isn't bored, but that brings the crowd to total XTC (and I don't
mean the drug, I mean the state of mind). They're a band that can make you
go wild with a song you've never heard before (dEUS also did that once to
me when I heard Sam Peckinpah's daughter for the first time). They made me
happy too, somehow the songs made me smile. Except for the encore which
was Vortex Surfer (which is kinda depri).

dEUS related-ness: Here the crowd was dancing and going banana's after
some songs. And after the encore they kept on clapping and shouting for
another 15 minutes (they didn't come back though: they had another gig in
Luxemburg that night). At the dEUS-gig on the 1st of April the dEUS crowd
didn't do that (except S&S maybe). (guess I'm still a bit disappointed
about that gig, well actually not about the gig but about the crowd).

Anyway if you're able to go and see them, do it and you'll see the most
wonderfull psychedelic rock ever made. (Tickets were cheap as well in
Belgium, so money shouldn't be the problem). AS far as CD's is concerned:
I recommend "Timothy's monster", brilliant all the way through.


BTW does anybody know the last song they played before the encore? Is it a
cover? And of whom then?

* And if she said so     *
* I could believe it all *
*         Motorpsycho    *

And another one

The best Concert i have visited this year :MOTORPSYCHO in Bruxelles at the Botanique The Setlist: 1 K9 2 song for a bro. 3 hey jane 4 s.t.g. 5 feel biffed away for all is loneliness 6 superstooge 7 wheel 8 hogwash 9 (you lied-featured on bent's setlist but not played) 10 black to comm ----- 11 'vorteux' surfer (no typing error stated like that on the setlist) In front of the concert-room an advertisement :'For your security , it is not allowed to smoke in this room',now how can you do that on such a concert ? After the 'good evening', MP started with a sort of intro and then got onto the K9-suite which lasted in its total with intro about 40-45 minutes!!! with a fantastic 'the rounder' part , which blew away the whole crowd.I think everybodypresent was asking himself how they make that much sound as a trio. The second song was introduced as 'a song we never played in front of an audience before'(song for a bro.):Very groovy kind of improvisation without lyrics. Then was the time,when i thought they would play the new songs, but .. no way 'Hey Jane' and S.T.G. instead (for a constant reader of the last concert - reviews it was a bit surprising) All is loneliness was really surprising an real good (but i would have prefered feel as noted on the setlist. Superstooge and the wheel were played as super/wheel and as i don't like the superstooge-part i took a little time off. Hogwash and black to comm were caused the crowd to party off completely. As they went away for the first time i was hoping for some special thing and they came back to play the surfer. My only thought was : No they are finished after this one. The surfer was mind-blowing. Afterwards we were all clapping and cheering for more(for about 15 minutes)but they didn't come back, which was a little disappointing ( i know that they were playing the 9th in Luxembourg but ...) The security idiots did their best to ruin the good feeling as they tried to get the people out as fast as possible.Poor idiots! I don't really understand why you opened a crowd horror stories page.The only thing i have experienced toniht was someone stupid yelling hisyeyeah into the quiet parts of the surfer. But i think you shouldn't force it too much with such a site,because people moving and dancing and eventually knocking someone or spilling beer over someone is totally normal for a concert. If the whole crowd stays silently as sheep to watch the performance is annoying too. All in all , for my second MP-concert -first was the Botanique in 97-it was a super concert, because now i know their songs better and because i have also seen multiple other groups up to now which didn't rock like that. N.B. dEUS are the second best live performance on my list (their concert in Luxembourg) for this year but DIE AERZTE still are the best.
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