Studentersamfundet, Trondheim 9. April 1999

I've just come home from the first gig of this tour, and it was GREAT!!     
I love that band!
they played 4-6 new songs (I'm not sure because I only have the CD-versions 
of the albums, and I don't have the albums before Demon Box. I know it's a
They played all the songs in the Roadwork, but they did shorten down a k9
suite. ( They played to the quiet part, and then continued the song at
around 14-15 minutes on the Roadwork version.)     
You lied really rocked, and almost everyone was singing almost the whole
song!! Fantastic. (This of course also happened when they played Vortex     
But my favourite was Black to comm! It was incredible!!!
The new songs then: When i listen to new music it usually have to listen to 
the new stuff a couple of times before i really start to like it.
But I thought that at least 2 songs were great now. (The first time I heard
them!!) And i liked the other songs too. The major part of the new songs was
so great, I really can't wait for the next album to arrive. (I'm going to be
standing in a line when the record store opens!!!)
A fantastic gig by the greatest band ever!!!!


OK - it's over. Motorpsycho opened their tour at Studentersamfundet. I
apologize if someone already posted something like this...            
Aproximate setlist (I might have forgotten a song or two...):         
A K9 suite:
  Intro (never heard it before)
  Un chien... part I           
  Some heavy noise (also new to me)
  The faster we go...              
  Un chien... part II              
The new parts (to me, at least) added even more to the suite. And as
someone said - to actually be there as they play it is the key to the
song. And that's what makes the recorded versions sound a tad more   
boring than actually experiencing it. But this is my fave MP-song    
(Mountain, Plan #1 and The Wheel are dethroned)

Then they played three new songs. the first one was fairly light and
'popish', then the second one was a kind of bossanova again, with Bent's
trademark basslines. The midsection of this song was an interplay       
between Snah and Bent which reminded me of Yes' classical 'Heart of the 
Sunrise' riff. This song segued into the third new one. Good hard       
rockin' tune where 'High time' was te chorus, and maybe the title...      

Super/Wheel - fantabulous version
The Witch - a song Bent first heard when working for Studentradioen in
Trondheim, as a student - it's a cover of a German band (didn't get the
name, though...)
The other other fool - I really love this song...
Walking on the Water/You Lied segued into Black to Comm

This is where I thought the first set was finished, but they played one
last song for their main set - another new one. The chorus sounded to me
like 'Give your soul to God' or something like that, so maybe we'll get 
the greaest hit record by christmas after all, as Bent said in the liner
notes to Roadwork... :-) This song was VERY heavy, very 70'ish again,   
and my favorite new song from the show... But then they left the        

...only to come back on to do

California Dreamin'
Hogwash (here Bent ad-libbed a couple of lines form the Willie Dixon
classic Superstitious, now most known with Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Then they left again, only to enter the stage for the grande finale...
Vortex Surfer

I think this is the best I've ever seen Motorpsycho. Geb is my definate
fave drummer in the rock world... He PLAYS the drums as opposed to just
merely pounding them as quite a few rock drummers do. But then again,  
there is an obvious discussion whether or not Motorpsycho is pure      
rock... Where is the line drawn towards jazz? I am content stating that
they play music...

They opened boldly... Bent started out by saying they'd warm up and get
into it. He played a quite soft riff on the guitar, while Snah started
working with the Fender Rhodes. They fooled around, supported by Geb,
and then... The first notes of Un Chien... Wow...

Snah got to play the guitar hero part on most of the show, but one of my
fave moments was Geb's EXTENDED drum solo on You Lied...

I don't know what more to say... Two hours continuos eargasm (I know the
pun is kinda bad, but what else can I say). I can't think of a single   
band doing it better than Motorpsycho anywhere. Maybe it's because I'm a
fan, but I tend to believe I keep my objectivity intact... :-)

Such a great concert! I only feel my numbness! (OK, it was a bad one.)
Here's the setlist (sadly I don't know the names of all the songs played).

1. First Bent said that this was the first concert on the tour, so they
had to warm up. They played a simple riff over and over before they    
entered the oh so wonderful K9 suite, which was a bit different this time.
        1.Un chien d'espace pt 1
        2. "Noise R us" rising - a very loud and noisy part, rather cool,
since I wasn't expecting that at all.
        3. The rounder we get, the faster we go - Bent hammering on that
heavy riff - yes! It was great!
        4. Un chien d'espace pt 2 - wonderful as always.
2. A new song. Never heard it before, quite "poppy".

3. Another new one. Rather heavy.

4. Yet a new one, hard and loud. I liked all three, but no 3 and 4 best.
After this, Bent said we now had heard the first side of the new album -
I love it when people speak of "sides" of an album, it brings back that 
vinyl nostalgia.
5. Super/Wheel - it was amazing. A bit more singing, it was absolutely
fantastic. I love it.

6. The Other Other Fool - that heavy bass riff is even greater live. A
fabulous tune.
7. A cover of an old german band. Bent said he first heard the song at FK
(a place in Studentersamfundet with lots of records), and now we were    
going to hear it. A rather OK cover.

8. You Lied - great! The shortest song tonight, it was under 5 minutes!
(Oh, I forgot to mention that the Chien lasted "only" 26 mins)         

9. Black to comm - I find this cover extremely amusing, it's a song
perfect for parties, it just oozes testosterone rock.        

10. Another new tune. Sounded great.
11. California Dreamin' - I never thought I was going to hear it live. It
rocked like there was no tomorrow, it was almost the highlight of the gig
so far. Amazing! Yet another cover MP does better than the original band.

12. Hogwash - stunning! In the middle section Bent sang some strange
lyrics and played something different, I almost thought it was going to
emerge into another song, but instead they finished in a spectacular way.

13. Vortex Surfer - beautiful. Needs no words. What makes the song even
sadder is the fact that you know the concert is coming to an end. But it
was amazing (as always).

The concert started at 2200, ended at 2400 hrs. How can two hours go by so
quickly? Time flies when you're having fun! The venue was sold out (a     
friend of mine didn't get in, he had to sit in the nearby room and listen 
through the walls), and the crowd was great. The sound was very good, but 
I think the drums could have been a bit higher (but I am a drummer,       
therefore I take special notice of such). The rest of you have something  
great to look forward to! I was planning to go to Oslo to see them at     
Rockefeller, but due to certain financial problems I can't afford it. Oh  
well, I'll be seeing them at Roskilde!

axel tidemann
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