Lærerhøgskolens aula, Hamar 12. April 1999

OK, the Hamar gig is over, I'm safe back at Gjøvik.

First thing first, the setlist:
1. Other other fool            
2. Heartbreaker                
3. High time                   
4. Psychonaut (Oh yes indeed!) 
5. Big surprise                
6. Superstooge / The wheel    
7. The witch                  
8. You lied                   
9. Black to comm              
10. Glow                  
11. Un chien... 
Then, the review:
Let me state one thing once and for all: This was a better gig than
Rockefeller. Everybody I spoke to that had been on both gigs agreed on this.
I think there would have been room for 4-500 people, but there probably was 
about 250 people there. I think the crowd was lame. Except a small group of 
people just in frint of the stage,  most of the people just stood there, and
it wasn't until 'You Lied' that the crowd started to loosen up a bit. I was 
afraid that this lack of good atmosphere would make it less fun for MP, but 
they started off great with 'The other other fool'. Snah had some problems  
with his guitar, so it took a minute or so before he joined in with his     
descending guitar riff.

I know I wrote yesterday that I was a bit sceptic about the new songs, but
that changed tonight. To hear them a second time did the trick for me, I  
think they all were much better now that I knew them a bit in advance. So,
as you can see of the setlist, they played 'Heartbreaker' and 'High time',
and they both sounded good. I'm really looking forward to hearing the studio
versions. When Bent then started banging on this one chord, I wondered what 
was coming. And then I heared it was 'Psychonaut'!!! I didn't expect them to
play it, so it made me a very happy man. They did a really long version with
it, and Snah had some great guitar solo stuff. 'Big surprise' was the       
shortest tune of the evening, and probably the one who was "least great". It
did sound good, but everything in this concert sounded good. It was easy to 
see that they enjoyed themselves on stage.

The 'Superstooge/Wheel'-thing was better than in Oslo. They played a longer
version of Superstooge with long guitar solos from Snah. Snah had a really 
good night, so he played fantastic. And the link between 'Superstooge' and 
'The Wheel' was better than I've ever heard before. After a long guitar    
solo, Snah ends up doing some variation of the 'Super'-riff that sounded   
cool. Then he started to add some elements of 'The wheel' before Bent had  
started to play the riff, and then Bent started playing it, and Snah did   
some solo thing over this before he started making feedback and let it flow
through his echo-machine before he sat down with the Rhodes for almost all 
of 'The wheel'. In the first verse, Bent played almost nothing, they brought
it all the way down, and started building it back up again. It sounded      
incredible. 'The witch' was good,  even though it's not an MP tune, it      
sounded much better at second listen. 'You Lied' and 'Black to comm' were   
better than in Oslo. Even with a crowd that was kinda hard to get going,    
they rocked really well. And when the crowd started singing along, be seemed
a bit surprised, but put on a big smile.

'Glow' was incredible!!! Also with this song, they did a longer version than
in Oslo. I really love this song! At one point I thought they were about to 
end the song, but in the noise frenzy that was going on, Snah evolved a     
guitar melody thing, and they brought the song back up. It was GREAT!       

Then they went off, and I feared that the crowd couldn't be bothered to
shout some to get them back on stage, but luckily they did. Bent started to
play the riff he did in Oslo (and presumably Trondheim) as the intro to the
K9-suite. They played a really long intro that dynamically and harmonically
evolved around Bent's simple figure. And then they moved into a more than 36
minutes long 'Un chien...". While they were doing the 'The rounder we       
go'-part, I couldn't help myself but to think of the fact that they are only
three - 3 - people!!! How do they do it?

Trivia stuff: Bent & Snah wore the same kind of shoes. Bent and Geb both
wore skeleton pants, and Geb wore a skeleton t-shirt bakwards.          

Btw, I guess you've all noticed wich song they didn't play that at least *I*
would have expected them to play. I claimed yesterday that they seem a bit  
predictable, so I guess it's my own fault. ;-)

Well, this may all be a bit confusing, but I really am very, very, very
tired right now, so you'll to excuse me while I go to bed and keep dreaming
golden dreams.

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