2000-04-13 Colmar, Kraken FR

the first french mp show was in "kraken" colmar, close to the german
and swiss border. a small, modern place at the university.
audience approx 100-150 ppl, lots of german pilgrims.
supportet by some kraut-band "...ma cherie" (?)
mp playing time: 1h55.

1. my best friend
2. never let you out
3. other fool
4. song 4 a bro
5. k.t. & me
6. feel
7. skate
8. big surprise
9. go to cal
10. walking w/ j,
11. hey jane
12. nerve tattoo
13. up/down
14. taifun
15. plan 1
16. v.s.

after last night, this could not be the same.
the band had let out all their energy in biel (me too, in fact),
audience mostly not familiar with the songs.
therefore reserved reactions. moderate applause, but throughout
impressed faces.
a very relaxed and jazzy 15min version of mbf for the start. this
showed the way for the rest of the gig.
lower volume, often playing slow and mellow. lower keys, taken the
peeks out of "w.w.j." vocals. not many drone songs. 
they had to change instruments through a hatch (if that's the word) in
the wall. bent said "this is our sausage stand, that's why we always
go there" - that remained his only joke this evening.
no gimmicks like the balerina dance in "skate", not introducing the
band before "big surprise".

"k.t. & me" is a short rock song, but in the vein of the cake
material. a bit like the who with beach boys vocals. (lets see how it

the setlist mentioned "you lied / black to comm" as first encore. but
both were skipped.
i think it was ok, there was no place for that rocker in this moody set.
oh! and no song with french title on their first french show!!

it was a good show to get back on earth after the night before.
the spaceship has landed.
good night....

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