Kroa i Bø,13.04.99

Drunken Viking

My oh my! Approximatly 2 hours of pure pleasure... First,a rather lame attempt to construct a set list: *a new song - raw *another new song - even more impressive *yet another new song (I think) - wow,can hardly wait for their next record. *a looong,totally trancending version of K9suite - well..words are really un-neccesary was pure magic *You Lied- I luved it,made me jump ! *Black to comm (the mc5-cover from the live album) - jumped even more.. *Vortex Surfer - that song's just getting better and better Well,I do not think this is right because sadly I can't remember much.I was like floating in the air,shearing a joint with Hendrix and Morrison.I just stood there,paralyzed,watching Bents monstorous bassriffs,Snahs rather beautiful fingerwork and guitarwanking and the unstoppable drum-machine,the mighty Geb(don't he ever get tired?).I had only heard Motorpsychoon records (a lot!) before this,but to be there,and watch,hear and feel the magic onstage.......well....say no more...... Roskilde here I come !!! *Arild* --


I'm sitting at work trying to get through the day after very little sleep this night. I live and work in Oslo, but know a lot of people in Bø, so I went Bø to see the show at Kroa yesterday. I had to be back at work today eight o'clock. I managed, but I'm tired as hell. Anyway. Great show. Kroa is a good place to be. Nice people and good sound. It was pretty crowded, but not sold out. I got kinda drunk before the show, as the beer (33cl, that is) was only 15 kroner. When Motorpsycho started playing, however, I realized that they were about to kick some serious ass. The setlist was as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Superstooge / The Wheel 5. K9 -- 6. You Lied 7. Black To Comm -- 8. Vortex Surfer I heard all of the new ones at Rockefeller, but I am unable to identify the names of the songs. I didn't drink at Rockefeller, but I did yesterday... :-( Hopefully someone has got the complete setlist. A bit surprising maybe that they played so few songs, but the concert lasted almost two hours. Superwheel and K9 was maybe half the show, in duration, I mean. But I've really not heard K9 better than yesterday. I got to stand in front too, and that really enhanced my experience of the concert. Vortex Surfer was also, as always, [fill in superlatives of choice here]. I have to throw in my $0.02 regarding the talking/singing at concerts dispute taking place these days. During the intro to K9, there where some girls next to me, up in front, talking really loud to eachother (they where more shouting than talking) about, guess what, how much they disliked examen philosophicum, and what they were going to study the three-four next years. I told them to please shut up and they did. But I think it should be unnecessary. People should think more and talk less. I think the post from Stickman Records generally sums this debate up pretty good, but I have a comment: > I've told people to > shut up before and it's always worked for me. And I actually find it fun > to watch people flip out and enjoy a concert and people singing/yelling > stupid things/etc can also add fun & humor to an evening. And I'm sure > that Motorpsycho also enjoy it when a crowd sings along and take the > "unlucky" side of people being noisy at the quiet times in account. Yesterday, during Vortex Surfer, on the little guitar melody that Snah plays, and Geb still plays bells, someone shouted something (don't remember what) really loud, and I noticed Geb turning around with a really grim expression on his face, looking in the direction of the noise. He missed a couple of notes, too. Vortex Surfer is a serious song ("It would be too much like death"), and personally I think Vortex Sorfer and rølp are incompatible. Trivia: Bent had skeleton pants and a Sanderfinger t-shirt (black with white text). He also rocked quite a bit, maybe more than usual. He seemed happy. Sorry about the incomplete setlist, but you can't always have everything, can you? :-) -- .\\artin
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