2000-04-14 Paris, Cafe de la Danse FR

ok here goes:
english translation of

(err...) etc. = i'm not quite sure about this 


Motorpsycho debuted (?) at Cafe de la Danse in Paris 
yesterday night - with storm! The audience had waited 
for them for 10 years and was totally in from the first 

The band Juniper with the norwegian singer Anne Lisbet 
Thollånes warmed up the crowd pretty good, but it was 
Motorpsycho it was all about.

- I've waited for them for 10 years, Bruno Giner (28 
yrs) from Paris said. He bought the earliest records 
and was breathtaken (err...)

- The norwegian sound is different. It keeps the 
mysterious. It lets the macabre come through without 
getting unhealthy (er, well...) Motorpsycho has a 
fantastic music culture. They are more musical now, 
says Giner. He has brought with him a vinyl edition of 
Demon Box. Maybe he'll get it signed.

Paris was a new stop on the band's biggest tour ever: 
Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria & Italy has been 
taken, now awaits England, Netherlands, Belgium and 
finally Rockefeller in Oslo 30. april.

- We've sold out 1000 seats every night in Germany and 
700-800 in Italy. Netherlands is sold out. We have lots 
of friends and recognize the faces of people who show 
up at ten gigs (heh, you lucky dutchies&italians ;)

Baard H. Slagsvold (keyboard) of tre små kinesere has 
joined what once was a (tronheims-)trio. He has been a 
fan for many years and thinks Motorpsycho is a (school-
example?) of how things should be done.

ON THE CUT (what's PÅ HOGGET in english??)

- Success is arts worst enemy. Then you are not (on the 
cut, it means just about being creative and like what 
you're doing, at least in this context). It kills 
creativity. It is important to keep a distance to en 
established battleground (Err...), says Bent Sæther, 
who thinks of himself as a musical anarchist.

- Life is to short to get comfortable in one genre, 
says Håkon Gebhardt.

oki, this could've been better, but hopefully you'll 
understand... :)

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