14.04 Union R. Klubb Drammen N


1. The Other Other Fool 2. Heartbreaker 3. High Time 4. Big Surprise 5. The Whitch 6. Step Inside (fantastic! totally reworked) 7. Young Man Blues 8. Superstooge (complete, long version) 9. The Wheel (very long, with some additional lyrics) 10. Psychonaut 11. Fade To Grey ---- 12. You Lied 13. Black to Comm/Not Fade Away/Black to Comm ---- 14. Vortex Surfer Compared to Oslo April 10th this gig had a lot more punch, still they were very loose/relaxed. They played for two hours. Nice opening song. I took an instant liking to it when hearing the new live album. Performed very well tonight. The songs 2-5 were all very good. They seem to have developed since Rockefeller last saturday. Step Inside was a big surprise. Bent on guitar and Snah on bass. Didn't recognise it at all at first, but the lyrics revealed a totally reworked Step Inside, faster than before and powerful as h... Then come YMB, the big let down that night. Short, straight foreward version, with only short solos. Time to let it rest? So: Prepare to be amazed. We got the full version of both Superstooge and The Wheel, including an awesome part inbetween with quiet, smooth sounds from Snah on keys. The highlight of the evening. Psychonaut was great to hear, I missed this one in Oslo. Fade To Grey didn't do it for me in Drammen neither did it in Oslo. A bit of anarchy in the end there lifted it a bit, though. You Lied, pretty standard Black to Comm, so punchy (is that an english word?), so totally rocking, so freaked out, even Not Fade Away worked really well in there before BtC exploded one last time. Phew! Vortex, beautiful as always, the audience even managed to shut up and listen at last. Thank you MP! ----ANders --


in response to yesterday's gig in Drammen and the "oh, another mp gig" reports on the mailing list i just wanted to air a few remarks... First, the gig in Drammen were surprisingly fresh in tone with a rather different setlist than the previous Rockefeller gig (for a total setlist, see elsewhere. i was a bit out of it during the gig. :)). The band seemed to relax (perhaps due to the rather small confines of the Union Scene (300+) and i personally thought they were improvising more than i've seen they've done lately. Personal faves last night? Well, as always it's hard to separate these gems frome one another, but: the wheel: a terrifying ordeal with maximum "golden core" factor. One of the definitive best ver. i've heard of the song. vortex surfer: aahhh.... black comm: total rock'n'roll!! this really kicked ass! It was a bit weird seeing the guys in a all new context and it seemed that they enjoyed the gig themselves, playing the obligatory two hours. about the "just another gig" thing we've seen lately on the list, i were glad to see Rannveig's report today that she enjoyed the gig at rockefeller. i thought it was ace too, with smiles going all around the hall. But, i've never been the most harsh critic when it comes to MP. : ) as Bent said: they're tiring of playing the old songs and prefer the new ones. Perhaps we should be glad to hear the occasional golden oldie (as with California Dreamin' on saturday at rockefeller) and be glad that they haven't done as rollins band who don't ever play the old ones? dunno...i'm just a moron. what do i know? Mats --
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