Gig in Mezzago (14-5-98)

Just back from Mezzago.
Sorry, I'm too tired to produce any logical sentence... expecially in

This is the setlist:

1. Evernine (I don't like it)
2. Superstooge (great central Snah solo)
3. Walking on the water
4. STG (very long final improvisation)
5. Feel (Yep!)
6. Ozone (better than on CD)
7. Starmelt Lovelight
8. UN CHIEN D'ESPACE (more than 25 minutes!!!)
9. RADIATOR FREAK (they didn't play it on March in Norway, did they?)
10. -New one... (or anyway, never heard before. It's a good rock ending
with only Bent and Snah singing the same chorus... it could be on one of
the last two EPs, they're still NOT available here... and they've been
sold out in Germany, so they weren't available at the concert also!!!)

First encore: Young Man Blues (Great! I never heard it before!)

Second encore: Vortex Surfer, of course...

Two hours, including the encores.

Tomorrow I'll be in Reggio Emilia...
(never stop, go back to start!)


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