2000-04-15 London, Underworld UK

Gettin Down in Camden Town

15 April 2000

The Underworld, London UK

-The Other Fool
-Never Let You Out
-Whip That Ghost
-Time to Skate
-Big Surprise
-Go to California
-Walkin’ with J
-Hey, Jane
-Nerve Tattoo
-You Lied
(Black to Comm planned but not played, bloody 22:00 curfew!)

As always, Motorpsycho in London was a total melting pot scene, tons of 
excellent psychonauts: the Greek coalition from Athens, legions of Italians, 
Norwegians (Hammerfest and Trondheim!), Dutch, German, American and yes, more 
locals than ever before—great! The plan was: okay, we have to start at 
20:30, we have to stop at 22:00, so let’s just get going and
rock out. And that’s what happened. From what I heard from
euphoric people afterward there 
were new converts left and right, and also many folks were glad to finally 
have the motors back in the UK. But in general everyone was bummed out about 
the silly early lights on/amps out time; heaven forbid the Saturday night 
disco dance party not start at 23:00 sharp.
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