Vaskeriet, Kristiansand 15. April 1999

Digging for shelter

Still no report on the Kristiansand-gig last night. Then it's my duty to fill you in. K9 Witch Heartbreaker Hi time Step inside Feel Superstooge/Wheel Psychonaut Blow Young man (planned fantastic encore) California dreamin (unplanned boring encore) Vortex (last encore after lots of applause and chanting) Audience: 100 in Vaskeriet which has a a capacity of 600! No wonder they rarely play Kristiansand! Apart from K9 which was great as always, the guys seemed a wee bit uninspired during the first half. I'm not too sure wether I can bring myself to love all of the first three new songs, but so far Motorpsycho have proven unfallable. I therefore trust them to have delivered this time too. Also: I really didn't get a good listen to them because during the first four songs I was kneeling in front of the stage to take photographs. It's a privilege to be a journalist/photographer and be able to worship your heroes' performance from close range. K9 and the "rounder we go-part" had me grinning like an idiot. Me neither didn't recognize the reworked "Step inside" until well into the song. This amazing "Superstooge"-grooving in an originally totally different song must be the answer to those of you who cry for old stuff in new versions. "Feel" I haven't heard live before, and I liked this faster version. But not as well as "Superwheel". Watery eyes! "Psychonaut" had synthetic cellos going a bit like the violins on the showerscene of "Psycho". Very hypnotic extended version, and a mosh pit emerged in the middle of the crowd. Bananas! "Blow" I think I liked very well. An energetic, but melodic song not quite so primitive as the other new ones. "Young man" was not a cover this time but took off into improvising by Snah and big smiles from Bent. Lots of sing(scream) along. I (and seemingly Motorpsycho as well) was a bit surprised that the small, stubborn crowd clapped their hands sore for more. (Poetry there). But "California" is still a boring song, though everybody else both on an off stage seemed to enjoy it immensely. "Vortex" was as always very nice. Another viewpoint while I'm at it: on some songs Snah doubled as a keybord-player and guitarist. I agree with those who miss a fourth member, as me too would like more noise and more guitars. And I'll never forget "The Golden Core" with Lolly(?) on keyboards in Tromsoe 1994. My finest (and most deafening) Motorpsycho-experience! Any crowd horrors? Lots of talking on silent parts of Wheel. Mostly girls of course. As my girlfriend told me after attending the BÝ-gig earlier this week: "I could have gone naked, and none of the guys would have noticed me. They were that far into the music." Therefore it's my theory that girls talk at Mpsycho gigs because they want more attention. : D trgr (Digging for shelter)
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