Gig in Reggio Emilia (15-5-98)

Hi all,

Just woke up this morning with a continuos "larsen" in my left ear...
that's for my strategic position in yesterday gig: I was leaned on
Bent's monitor! (On thursday I was in front of Snah, but his monitors
were less loud, apparently...)

This is the setlist:

1. Dr. Hoffman (I didn't know this one, but I read it on Bent's
Setlist... BTW: I asked the setlist to Bent, he gave it to me, but a
DIRTY BASTARD with longer and quicker arms than mine stole it to me...
anyway, he (who was not so bastard, anyway) let me read it, and I
discovered the title. Shit, he didn't even know Un Chien D'Espace...
SHAME ON HIM!!! Anyway (again) this song was not the same "new one" of

2. Superstooge (from my position I could better enjoy the great bass
riff in the middle section)

3. STG (you won't believe it, but I timed this one: 13 minutes!)

4. Flick of the Wrist (ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!)

5. Manmower (Surprise! Gebhardt on glockenspiel, and the dear, old,
lovely mellotron sound from Snah's keyboard)

6. Hey, Jane (Again, one of my favourites, at least from the last album)

7. Evernine (I still don't like it, but, I admit, live version is really
much better - and much more violent)

8. Walking on the water (of course)

9. HOGWASH! (I believed they stopped playing this one live... really
funny, especially the "metal solo" by Snah)

10. Un chien d'Espace (I timed this one too: 23 minutes!)


1. Ozone (It seemed shorter than on thursday)
2. Young man blues (Very funny the first part: after a misunderstanding
between Gebhardt and Bent, they started to "strike" randomly their
instruments for a while, and Snah simulated to fall on the floor...)
3. Vortex surfer (I definitively lost my voice on ABOUT THE

O.K., that's all...

For Paul: don't worry about setlists similar one to the other: as you
can see, in Reggio they played five songs that were not played in
Mezzago, so it's worthwile to see them at least twice... maybe three
times is too much, but...

About fashion: Bent had the same skeleton pants he wore in Mezzago, but
not the shirt. This time he wore  red "tiger-skin" shirt... quite
shocking, anyway...

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