Folken, Stavanger 17. April 1999


ok, first the songs that were played (from Bent's setlist): S.T.G. Heartbreaker Hi Time Step Inside The Witch Feel Superstooge (--->?) Glow P-Naut Un Chianti d'Italia ------ Cal. d. Y. Lied Bl. to C. ------ V.S. not?? It was not the longest version I've heard, but great anyway. About the next two songs, i dont have any comments other than that they sounded ok. I will wait to make an opinion until I hear the album versions. I didn't really recognise Step Inside until the first chorus, and I must say that it was a really disguised version - pretty neat though. I dont remember too much from The Witch so I dont have any comments on it. It was faboulous to hear Feel live, and it put the crowd in a really happy mood as well. Superstooge was this time a version without the Wheel, which also was a little surprising. The setlist had an open space for The Wheel after Super.. but the band obviously skipped it. This was a little disappointing, as I was expecting the "regular" Super/Wheel version. Anyway, we LIKE being surprised, right?? Psychonaut started out VERY promising and it turned out to be one of the highlights. Anyway, i admit to agree with those who claim that P-Naut works better on the album than on stage, but it still has the energy. After this the band started a jamming session that lasted for a about five minutes which emrged into the Chien-intro. I timed it to about 26 minutes and it sure was a great version, even though it can't compete with the Roadwork's K9. The first encore started with California Dreaming, and this was the first time I've heard it live. You Lied was the next song, and even though the crowd loved it, I dont understand why they dont get tired of it... Black to Comm was also one of the highlights, i my opinion, and it included a pretty long jamming session with Snah and Bent. After this the band went off stage for the second time, and everybody was waiting for the obvious: Vortex Surfer. It was a nice version, but I missed the "glockenspiel", or whatever, in the intro. Anyway, it was a worthy ending of the gig, which in my opinion was not more than GOOD, but with some really great moments. A comment to the setlist: I agree to those who say that MP are getting a bit predictable in the choise of songs. This setlist is very similar to those from the other norwegian gigs, and it was a bit too easy guessing which songs they were going to play. Well, they are still great songs, but it'd be nice to play golden core as an ending for once. Well, good night!! Comments on the crowd: There weren't too many people, but it was a great show even though. GOOd NIGHT! lars
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