Verdensteateret, Sandefjord 19. April 1999

even better than Rockefeller?
if they had played un chien this time, this gig would definetily been
better, but i guess it was better after all, performing in smaller   
sorroundings (and about 250 people or so?)...and Bent and Snah  more 
losened up (than Rockefeller, i have no other gig to compare to)     

Setlist, i guess not in totally correct order (maybe i've even missed
something, i'm so sleepy and i've got a bad memory from before)...:  

S.T.G. (first song)...Feel...High Time...Heartbreaker...
Wishing Well...then one i din't recognize (a new one?)...
Super/Wheel...Not Fade Away (Rolling Stones oldie)       
You Lied...Back to Comm...
Young Man Blues...California Dreamin'...(one of these two were in the first
Last encore: Vortex Surfer

In the beginning it was this lousy "stimmung", and the crowd didn't losen
up until the fourth song or something...
astonishing opening; S.T.G! different ending on this one, with three or
more crescendo's.
Feel worked very good, with Geb on the keys and Snah doing some great
guitar back-up, included some improvising (surprise, surprise!)      
Very exciting to hear Wishing Well live, as Bent announced; this is a
"verdenspremiere" (first time played on the tour), Geb started tapping his
sticks, then went to full hi-hat - snare - bass drum - stuff. Snah on his 
synthesizer, keyboard or whatever...

finishing you lied, Snah hit these beautiful acchords, and Bent just let
him perform the tones of an Arctic landscape...

Young Man Blues was incredible, sounded like they really enjoyed themselves

and Vortex worked as ever, now Geb had put a transparent plastic bag over
his head, like a hat...

talking with bent and geb backstage, i found out that bent thought the
crowd was a bit dead (in the beginning), he compared it to the stavanger
gig fans, who he was very happy with. It was, according to Bent,        
almost quiet when they got on stage, he started feeling smaller and     
his voice had just started working better, he hadn't been satisfied with it
for days...
he guessed the new record would be released at least before 1. october or
both geb and bent thought the gig was fine, but a little strange, with so
any 14 year-olds (fjortiser, in norwegian) and so...

and...the guys are so down to earth it's hard to believe!

gotta go and get some sleep, hope it wasn't too much stuff of no interest
here...maybe i'll come up with more tomorrow

aleksander o.


        I agree, the gig was far more better than the Rockefeller gig.   It
worked really well, with lots of "humor". I belive they also played Step
Inside and Psychonaut.   Best songs in Sandefjord in my opinion: Superwheel
(a great middle part, different from the one played at Rockefeller), Feel,
Wishing Well (finally played live!).

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