StudSamf Halden 20. April 1999

It't been hard nights day since I drove to Halden with 3 fellow g35'ers
and another friend of mine yesterday. It was nice to meet Martin, Linn and
Paal. I had never met them before. They were brave enough to contact me   
when I told this list I was going to Halden. 

Some comments on the songs.

K9: As in Oslo it started very calm and quiet. But in Halden this new
jamming start to the song worked much better. This time I could recognise
themes and details wich pointed up to what was about to happen, and that 
made it the best version of the two. Quite a lot of the noise parts were 
different too, the The Rounder We Go, The faster We Get part was         
unbelievable fast in the end, what a build up! K9 clocked in at 33       
The Other Other Fool: Pretty different from Drammen which was very close
to the RW version. The intro was longer and Snah threw a lot of delicate
detailes througout. The jamming in the middle was totally freaked out.  
That applies to the rest of the jams this evening too.                  

The Witch: Very tight. Again totally freaked out and longer jams than
Drammen and Oslo.
Step Inside: This was a big surprise in Drammen. So reworked I had to
listen to the lyrics to get wich song it was. That night Bent took over
the guitar and Snah took the bass on this. In halden it was the other way
around again, and the whole thing had become a beast since last week! Very
dirty indeed, againg different from anything heard of it befor.Almost made
me feel like being back in 93 again. It lasted for 9 minutes, and the last
4 were not there in Drammen. Bent sang some new lyrics there aswell. After  
this he told the crowd something in the vein of: "We just made the last   
one there here on stage".

Feel: More or less acoustic throughout. Beautiful.

Wishing Well: Martin described this one very good in an earlier mail. The
middle part was very psychedelic and wonderful.

Psychonaut: An intro of 3-4 minutes was added since last time, and I had
no clue for a couple of minutes! This was the jawdropping version. Tight,
agressive, psychedelic. Total anarchy in the end.

Superstooge: 15 minutes. Again very different from Drammen and Oslo. The
band was really kicking loose now. Long jams in the end and solos from  
both bent and Snah. Up till now the concert was by far the best of the 3
I've seen on this tour.

B->C/B->S/Not Fade Away: Sounded as if they very tired and missed feedback
from the audience. No one clapped their hands even though Bent tried to   
get the crowd going. NFA not as complete as in Drammen, lacking the       
fantastic solo from Snah.

Young Man Blues was the first encore on the setlist, but they dropped it.
Not the worst thing they could do, if you ask me.

Vortex Surfer: Calm audiences have their positive sides too! Almost no
talking at all during the quiet parts, and we finally got to enjoy the
song to the full without disturbing singing, shouting and raving about.
Almost worth the trip alone.

The sound was crystal clear the whole evening, and the volume a bit higher
than usual.
I'd like to thank MP for the fantastic music. I don't know any longer how
many concerts I've been to (I discovered MP in 93), but as long as they  
continue to play I'll be there as often as I can.

See you at Roskilde!


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